Believe nothing, no matter where you read it, or who said it – no matter if I have said it! – except it agree with your own reason and your own common sense.” – Siddhartha Gautama, a.k.a. the Buddha

Gorebal warmening can kiss my narrow @$$

Sept 23 2022: first official full day of autumn, a bit chilly but not unseasonable.    House temps after the sun went down were around 60F.  Saw how the kats were burying faces in tails and said “fuggit!” 

First fire of the season.   

Did I need it?  naw, just bundle up like the kittehs and alls good.  Toss an extra blanket or four on the bed: all good.   Close up the house, draw the curtains tight and the temp would have stayed right at that sixty mark all night.   The insulation in my house is good enough that a kerosene lantern would keep it ‘livable’ even if the temps dropped down in the 30’s overnight.  (thats not saying that would work all winter, but it works fine to hold a temp if things aren’t frozen outside.)

All the hoopla about “Climate Change” and “Science says” is boochit.    Its called weather people!!!!   Its cyclic, has more factors applied to it than just us blobby bags of water scooting around the surface of this planet, and will continue to “CHANGE” long after we have made ourselves scarce/extinct/vacated for other planets.   

It’s just like that 400 ton HVAC bolted to some houses these days.  If its running at 50% capacity and can do no better, for whatever reason, your house is going to be cold or hot, in direct relation to whats going on outside.   Well, the planets main furnace has been running a little cold the last few years.   The last time SOL was ‘running hot’ was in 2012, and I remember those days in the Texas outback quite well.   130F in the shade during the day,  winds that would strip you to the bone as the sun went down, followed by nights where you would wake at 3am to find your water bottle with a layer of ice on the surface of the water.  Solar cycles make much more sense about ‘climate change’ than some of the WAGs that I have seen about holes in ozone, greenhouse gasses (which have been debunked repeatedly but still keep making rounds)

Am I a “Climate Change Denier”?   Yup and Nope all at the same time.  I deny that “THE SCIENCE” is right, but I accept that climate CHANGES, because that is obvious to a blind man,,,    It was in the high nineties just a week back, here I am having a fire to keep my house (and kittehs) warm overnight.  Its been changing since I can remember, and NOT FOR THE WARMER, or at least not consistently.   I was 8 or 9 when we had to dig our way out of our house due to snow drifts.  This was in the Greater CIncinnati area.   The next year, I don’t think we had a single snow day.   I recall that summer in Texas as being the scorcher to end all scorchers, then that winter I was in Bloomfield IN and the weather dropped to minus 20 and stayed there for two weeks.   That was the year I installed a woodburner in my RV and it kept me and Voo alive.   We froze a bit, and poor Catahoula Cur that Voo is, with his slngle layer fur,,,  Yeah, He hated that winter. 

The only thing I can see about “Climate Change” hulaballoo is that its designed to move money around and not for the benefit of the frickin climate,,,    “Lets build a bunch of useless windmills, financed by ‘carbon taxes’, that do nothing but add more complexity into an already complex system that is running 130% and hasn’t been updated in 70 years“.  and they have to ‘de-ice’ those blades in the winter using Helo’s, burning more fuel to stay aloft than the windmill will offset in generation,,,    Kinda like driving an electric car, towing a diesel generator to charge the battery: it makes just about as much sense.   Yeah, Green Energy Deal,,,

The only thing green about it is the cash flow for select persons of interest.   

And I recall seeing that the lifespan on one of those blades is measured in single digit years; they aren’t recyclable, and they bury those monstrosities because they don’t deteriorate.    At least the blades on my little wind genny are able to be recycled if they wear out.  (yes, I am ‘green’ for my personal use power needs, and even I keep a gasoline powered back up because I know that weather is NOT going to supply all my needs 24/7.   I have written about how ‘green energy’ needs to be completely localized to be effective and then it only alleviates the loads on the main system, it can not replace it.  Not yet anyway. And not if people continue to take it all for granted at the levels they do. Lifestyle changes will be mandatory, but that’s part of the ‘own nothing and be happy’ that the DAVOS crowd are trying to force feed the world.)

So when someone starts screeching about the Greenland Icecap melting away faster than its growing, I don’t get bent out of shape about how we are all going to burn to a crisp by 2032ish.   These things happen, right?  What no one seems to be asking is, WHY is the cap melting faster?   is there a volcanic caldera building below it?   That would cause such melting, and probably faster than a high sunspot activity would. (and we are in a low Sunspot cycle currently so thats not it.).  And its not a global issue either since there are other caps growing faster than normal,,,    As for the arctic and antarctic caps: they change all the time, and usually quite suddenly.   Seems to me that I read the last iceage came on in less than a 100 years, and lasted several thousand.   Climate change?   Sure was.  And somehow that was the fault of HOOMANS?  How?   Lets be practical here and THINK for fucks sake, okay?  

Oh, but that doesn’t fill the coffers of Poly-tick-ians or Lobbyists, and they MUST keep those coffers growing or,,,

And I honestly feel “thinking”, for some types, is downright painful.


Alright, rant over.    More later after I get some paddle therapy in.


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