Believe nothing, no matter where you read it, or who said it – no matter if I have said it! – except it agree with your own reason and your own common sense.” – Siddhartha Gautama, a.k.a. the Buddha

Compromise tinks.

Just sitting here thinking about kayaks,,,

Like you would expect anything else out of me these days, right? (and the sudden shift in weather has me feeling the winter blues creeping in. Its COLD out there,,,)

Well, its not just kayaks, but some philosophical bends as well. Like Chines, Compromises and life in general.
Follow along,,,
Chines, on a kayak allow certain ‘moves’ to be done easier or harder depending on the nature of the chine, and the nature of the move. Hard chines on a long boat make edging easier, but turns a bit more sluggish. Soft chines make edging a little trickier, but turns are smooth as butter. Hard chines on a spud boat allow the boat to carve and slice like a sports car, but can also make the paddler be much more precise in execution. A little too much edge or not enough when peeling out, and you are going to get a dunking.  (the reason for the polarity there is ‘Length’, )
V-hulls make long boats less stable and more stable at the same time. They ‘Feel’ unstable but are able to handle wilder water with less effort. A flatter hull (often called a ‘planing hull’) lets you surf easier, but can really bugger you up when the waves are  abeam or quartering or you are not surfing and trying to punch out through waves. Its all a part of compromises. One gives this, but gives up that, and the end result is less than optimal for all purposes, but very precise for key purposes. Thats why white water boats (especially the creekers and play boats) look completely different from seakayaks. A recent trend for ‘crossover’ boats was all compromise, and the end result was a mushy feeling boat that rarely gets used past ‘floats with friends’ and I have never heard of anyone using them for the stated purpose of the designer: White water and open water runs.

Compromises: Those are what ‘make’ our Republic different. Or should I say MADE our Republic different.
The problem with compromises is like any other less than optimal solution; Over time, they build up and what you end up with is a mushy feeling boat that doesn’t do what the company intended, and the end user feels a touch cheated. When things really reach a head, the end users are of divergent camps (White water or Open water) and the company is at a state where all they want is the money; loyalty be damned.
Just like our current situation at the tail end of 100+ years of compromises. Two broadly stroked factions (socialist/communist vs leavemethefuckalones) and ‘leadership’ that is stoking the fear factors to ram through as many porkbellied scams as they can, to line their coffers before the whole she-bang goes boom.

Much the same as companies that are failing, which get hollowed out from the inside long before they finally collapse; our ‘government’ is showing all the signs of such. The compromises have weakened the original to the point it more resembles a theatrical facade than a functional design; A poorly done facade by 4th graders for an upcoming play. The Money exchanging hands is inflated paper and while the numbers look astounding, the values are meaningless because they have no attachment to reality: only emotion. And the biggest emotion is fear. Fear of losing out. Fear of ‘not being good enough’. Fear of planning for an uncertain future. Negative emotion driving what should be a positive environment. And that emotion is constantly being re-enforced at the trough of Public Media.

Compromises. Shut off the toob, enjoy what you can while you can? Stay plugged in and hope you see the out before everyone else does? Mix it up and stay plugged in two three days a week, then take the rest to unwind?

I dunno; everyone has their own way of dealing with this world. Some just choose to deny it and keep on as if nothing were wrong. And while I think that is foolish, I can’t say that they are wrong either. Maybe we need more to play that role and then reality will fall back in line by the sheer determination of a populace not wanting change. I don’t see that happening, but I can’t say it won’t either. Stranger things have happened in history.


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