Believe nothing, no matter where you read it, or who said it – no matter if I have said it! – except it agree with your own reason and your own common sense.” – Siddhartha Gautama, a.k.a. the Buddha

Hear Hear!!!

Sarah put up a post today that is RIGHT up my alley!!!!

Been saying for years that the INDOCTRINATION System is the (one of) biggest problem facing us, and her take mirrors several of my opinions on how to fix it, mostly by taking control back to the locales where those that need the service live: not having some hive-mind attitude about what is needed for all,,,    Like we are some sort of widget that can be programmed.  Yes, we can be, but that is not OUR NATURE,,,,

Long day today; was actually the first in and last out ,like it was when we had the work under a President, not a (p)Resident,,,,

and hearing Son of Bossman going off about the state of the world was a breath of fresh air,,,   Not that it was “good news”, or different news, but knowing that someone else, not someone in my inner circles, seeing what I am seeing and asking much the same questions,,,  Yeah, that was a breath of fresh air, moving through my psyche and letting me know that (while I may be a little nutz) I am not completely over the rainbow,,,

Whats the solution?   Hell, at this rate, who can say.  His worry is that we may have passed the event horizon and there is no going back.  My take was “Let the states take the reins, fuck the FED, and we’ll work out commerce as needed.  Do away with the FEDRES and let the local banks deal with currency, just like they did BEFORE the FEDRES started mucking things up.   BUT, that means that we need currency backed by something tangible, not I.O.U.s from a thief.”

Will it work? Probably, but it isn’t going to be easy, and there are many that are not going to want to go along.  And peeps like Turtlehead McCON-nel are gonna fight and fight to hold onto their place at the Hog Trough.   

Whats going on with Russia/Putin?   Seriously, I have no idea.  I have seen that dude is going to have a major announcement, but other than that; toss the Tarot deck into the air and see what lands face up.  Thats about as good an indicator as trying to prognosticate what the Mad Russian is up to.   

Will it have far reaching effects?   With the way the world has been ordered, no doubt.   Just like his reaction to all the hullaballoo sanctions, the sanctions themselves and EO’s mad Xi-Dens handlers shutting down as much of this country as they can without starting a civil war: even though they DESPERATELY want one,,,  they just don’t want to be the ones that draw first blood.  Their tactic is the same as what they did to the Ukes and Russia.  Keep poking that hornets nest and when the Hornets say “Enough!”, scream how unfair things are.  (and keep pouring the gasoline on the fire,,,) All of that is going to have effects for several years yet, and we have only begun to feel them.  Rig for storm, its a comin’.

Seriously, all you need to know about the left, you can learn by watching pre-schoolers squabble over toys.  

Nudder long day tomorrow, Started a custom kennel today.  Did three panels to show the customer what we were considering for their needs, and that flew quite weil with them.  So, I have three panels ‘mostly’ completed and a dozen more that need made, and not one is even close to the others in dimensions.   And I still have to install the remaining panels we did for the inside of the building.   Amazing how we have started to become the ‘goto guys’ for doggie daycare kennels.  (which is rather ironic, seeing how I dislike caging animals, especially pets.  I understand why its done, but none of my pets have ever seen a cage for longer than going to the vet.  And Grizzy doesn’t even need that; He rides free and has no issues.)  

So, my sniveling about ‘lack of work’ yesterday was a short lived reality, and now I have at least a weeks worth of full days to tide me over.   And still keep up with the other jobs demands as they come in.   GOOD!!!!   Sadly, I will work myself out of work again, and there will be lean times.   Its always Feast or Famine at the J.O.B.

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