Believe nothing, no matter where you read it, or who said it – no matter if I have said it! – except it agree with your own reason and your own common sense.” – Siddhartha Gautama, a.k.a. the Buddha

another day, another chance?   Always!!!

started the day doing plumbing on the homestead.  Had a leaker on the feeds to the shower and that leak managed to buckle my flooring.   Solid red oak tongue and groove and now the buckle is quite obvious.  Not going to go away either until the humidity in the house drops below 50% (as it does EVERY winter when I am running the woodburner 24/7). Oh Well: its not like I have a huge social life at my house,,, Just one more irritation and not that big of one at that.

Not much to be done on the brakes issue either until I have parts in hand.   Don’t want to pull the truck apart and wait: may have need of transportation (like getting to the river for some H2O therapy,,,)(and NO, I am not lugging an eighty pound kayak 1/2 mile to the river side.  Its not the “To the river” part that bugs me, its the “From the river” part.   That return trip is ALL uphill after spending a lot of energy paddling; no thanks.)

Been tossing a couple ideas around the inside of my cranium this AM as well.   I have a super nice piece of Ash, almost 1.25″ thick and well over 8′ in length.   I want another wooden Greenland paddle and that ash would do nicely, though the end product would be heavy.   (but robust enough to shatter iceflows, or seal skulls, as the Greenlanders would tell me). I may hold off until the cold starts up and use it as an over-winter project.  The other project I have in mind may be put on hold indefinitely with the price of epoxies and fiberglass going so high right now.

ah, THAT project.  The one I keep hinting at but never really talking about eh?  Yeah, that one.   Heres the idea: Build a skin on frame, FRAME, but not complete it.   Instead of using ribs like I have done in the past, I am going to do the fuselage style buiild, with plywood forms to give the cross-section shape.   Multiple stringers for a rounder form.   I’m going to copy a lot of that shape from BlueJean,   So, when I have the form set up where I like it (and I will check it by draping it with a tarp) I intend on doing a hand layup of ballistic nylon and 6oz Fiberglass. (usual composite build, two halves to reach the final form; hull and deck, then use FG tape and epoxy to glue the pair together.). Advantages to this:  I don’t need the highest quality of wood to make the form.  I end up with a Fiberglass boat (tougher, smoother, faster) of MY DESIGN with whatever bells and whistles I decide on.  And it will (even with the higher prices right now) cost about a third of what a NEW NDK/P&H/Current Designs/etc would run me.  (and to be honest, IF I were to see a P&H Sirius for sale at ‘cheap’, I would jump on it and let this idea go.  I had one in sight last winter and didn’t move fast enough, and they are rarer than hens teeth these days)

I have been obsessed with the idea of a ‘glass boat’ since I saw that P&H last winter.  Taking second in the race against a composite boat only reinforced that obsession.  (I tried like hell to keep up with dude, but he continually pulled ahead from the start, just a little bit faster than me, but ENOUGH that I was easily a half mile behind him after 6.5 miles of race.). I would really love to get my hind end in an ‘honest to dog sea-kayak, like the Sirius or Nordkapp and see i what they do is all that much different from what I have had with my boats.   I love the Sealution (Blue Jean) but being a rotomold, I don’t think its performance is as good as it could be (and that kevlar version is still available, but something tells me ‘don’t jump at this one,,,’).  The problem with that is location: The nearest place that would let me Demo a boat is in Louisville, but they only have surfskis (sit on top, high performance race boats, with equally high performance price tags) and the other locations are mostly coastal. (Gee, I wonder why that is? <sarc>). (I also noted that there is a big sea-kayak circle in, of all places, Colorado,,,,    The only thing that helps that make sense is that is where Current Designs and Stellar are located and they do have some mighty big lakes there,,,  Dunno.)

I like my long boats.  I like the ease of speed and control of them.   I am still adapting to the shorty ‘spud boats’, but I feel so at home in a long kayak, that the transition is always ‘ubrupt’ for me.  Next weekend I am slated to go to the Pigeon with B and Gang,   I haven’t been in the ARC since we did the run down Buck Creek, and I am thinking I should get the ARC on the river here and get some seat time in: just to make that transition a little less startling.   BUT, I like my longs,,,,   If I could find a Stinger or one of the other “greenboats”,,, maybe I would find that happy medium,,, (Green Boats are not called such because they are ‘Green’ like green energy or whatever.  They are called that because of the Green River Race that they were designed for.). The closest I had, and what I broke my cherry with, was the Pirouette S.  No it wasn’t ‘right’ for me (the S designates ‘smaller person’)and I never quite got the seating comfortable enough for more than an hours seat time, but the way the boat handled,,,,   (The Piro was a slalom boat, but the Green boats have a lot of similar design in them.   Slalom kayaking can be seen at this link.)  

I’m just jawing away here.  There are things I need to be doing, even if I haven’t figured out what they are yet, and the day is creeping by me as I tap away here.   I know most of ya could give a crap less about kayaks and stuff, but Hey, this is my site and my catharsis, so,,,,    

Anywhoos, I’ll prolly be back up later after I do some catch-up on the world and find something to really get my angst flowing. 

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