Believe nothing, no matter where you read it, or who said it – no matter if I have said it! – except it agree with your own reason and your own common sense.” – Siddhartha Gautama, a.k.a. the Buddha

backwater thursday

as in, I am in the backwaters right now.  Went in to the J.O.B., but there was nothing to be done.  No argon in our tanks, so even though I have some stuff on the list, I ain’t able to weld anything.  Big SNAFU with our supplier right now and there is question as to who owns what in relation to our bottles: that should be resolved by end of day(fingers crossed). and its end of week/payday, but that means little since my hours are shiite this week,,,,

Oh well, thats the price I pay for the choices I made with ’employment’.   

Doesn’t mean its a permanent thing, just means that is what I have to deal with ‘right now’.

Buffalo is giving me fits too.  Thought I had a grinding brake issue on the front half, spent a small fortune on brake pads (frickin’ $65 for ONE set of pads, NOTHING ELSE,,,,  choke,,,, but, gotstahas’em,,,,) 

NOPES.   even my Uncle says it sounds like the front is grinding, but the problem child is the REARS.   Not used to this crew-cab thing and the sound is coming off the back deck and bouncing off the windshield so it ‘sounds’ like the front.  Had Unc walk along side the truck and listen; sho’nuff, back rotors.   Can’t return those gold plated pads since I already installed them (and why I was really questioning my sanity yesterday and went to get a second opinion from Unc). BUT, I did order the parts I need through RockAuto and for a ton less than the local boys want (like one-third the price even after shipping) so until those get in, I grimace every time I hit the brakes and MUST limit my driving so that I am not doing major damage to the calipers. Ordered new pads AND Rotors since the old were ‘pad slapped’ before I bought the truck and now are chewed up even more.  Still happy as heck that it didn’t gouge me TOO deeply, as compared to buying local.   Gotta do what ya gotta do, even though I prefer to keep the money close to home and support others nearby.  

The world continues to spin, the EneMedia continues to defy reality, and the PTwB are spinning fast enough to gall bearings.  I don’t need to list all the bullshit here: y’all are quite aware of enough of it.  The question I keep asking is “When,,,”  and so far, nothing comes back.    SO I just keep on. keeping on, and hope that either it blows up soonest, or that I am long gone when it does.   To be honest, I hope ‘soonest’ is the answer since the decline only gets worse and worse.   

At least people are pushing back now on the “Stoopid”, most people anyways.  Still see the rock stoopid ig’nant plebes that wear a mask as some sort of signal (it is one, just not the one they think it is: it shows that I won’t trust that person to have an ounce of commonsense.). I did see one today that tripped me up, even though it was commonplace a year ago.  Driving with a mask on, in a closed up vehicle ALONE.   Can we PLEASE FOR THE LOVE OF GOD get over this shit!!??!!??!!!


Can’t fix stoopid, right?   

Little homework assignment for y’all though.  IF you have not read “Unintended Consequences”,(link has download options, no worries, John is deceased AND he removed the copyrights before his death, to help ‘spread the word’.) you really NEED to do so. Its a good read, and some will say ‘too long’, but the aspects of that “civil war” are what we have to look forward to, and it may give you ideas on ‘what you may need to do’.   Personally, I think that sort of war is far more ‘Civil’ than such as this country saw in the 1860’s.   No big skirmishes wiith hundreds of thousand dead, no long marches through a state leaving sacked and burning Cities behind: just small one on one’s with no rhyme as to who/how/what/when (the why was obvious)

And if we don’t hit that point,,,,   Matt Bracken may be the Prophet with his trilogy.

Gonna be a long ‘weekend’ with having so much time on my hands, but little lucre to smooth the way,,,,    Maybees I needs to be sitting and writing more, no?  LOL.  

more later,,,,

2 responses

  1. dirtroadlivin

    Funny you should mention the UC title. Just started it yesterday after a false start some years ago. It seems to be coming up in convo frequently….very frequently, so I figure the Universe is speaking to me me to read it. Git er dun


    August 18, 2022 at 5:06 pm

    • The historical aspects have importance, and I did find them illuminating, but you can likely skip through the earlier parts (preWWII parts, though,,, those do show where the infringements started.)


      August 18, 2022 at 5:10 pm

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