Believe nothing, no matter where you read it, or who said it – no matter if I have said it! – except it agree with your own reason and your own common sense.” – Siddhartha Gautama, a.k.a. the Buddha

morning kitteh trials

slow start to my weekend, woke, morning coffee and an irate Grizzy-kat; foodbowl is flat empty (not just the ‘I can see the bottom of the bowl’ empty that is his usual complaint.)

Realized I slipped up yesterday and hadn’t picked up the kibble I intended to,,,


“a-aight Grizz, Ima runnin’ to get your chows”

“kblert” (About time Hooman!!! I’s starving to death here,,,)

Went ahead and stopped at the shop on the return trip since Skitty-Kat is out too.  She was quite happy to see me, and Reese-Kat and her brood were running rampant around the compound.   Reese is way too old to be having kittens, but she is so daggum good at it.  This is probably her last brood before her end times.   5 kittens: 3 yellow tabbies, 2 ghost white with seal points, and one black with white badges and a tipped tail.   They’re around 4-5 weeks and starting the weaning process.   I dropped a triple handful in a bowl where the babbies can get at it, but Rufus and Bear-bear can’t.  Those pigs of dogs will eat anything and to hell if it wasn’t intended for them. (yeah, the shop I work at is a regular zoo,,, I like it like that; helps make the days go by easier with four-footed friends to interact with.)

Was gonna finish mowing this morning but the dew is so heavy out there, its a fools errand to try.  I’d be stopping every ten feet to clear the cuttings out of the discharge.    And I still have 1/4 acre that needs cleared yet.   Looking at the weather (take that with a grain of salt around here) looks like its gonna be another wet one anyway.   At least I was able to get the main yard cut last night.   That keeps the buggies back away from the house; some at least.

That Aleutian paddle is oiled and ready for its maiden use.   I want to get it out and see if I like it over the GP’s I use; or not.   Its a bit on the heavy side compared to my Greenlands, but longer so I expect some added weight.  The loom is rock’n though.   I am going to have to incorporate that shape in my next GP for certain.  (its much more egg-shaped and drops into my hand perfectly.

But, it’s Friday; That means I will be going solo, no matter what, if I go out today.   All of my paddle buddies are still on their normal work week,,,     BUT, it also means that I won’t have to deal with mad numbers of power boats on the lake if thats where I end up going.  May stay closer to home and do the Cannon Creek lake,,,  Dunno yet.  Haven’t even made up my mind if I am going out yet.   No rush, looking like a craptastic day forming up out there and I may end up just staying home, doodling on the ‘puter, writing,,, something,,,   But not fiddlin’ with a paddle anymore.  No need and I don’t want to ‘over work it’.  Already started research on my next boat too.   Won’t be doing a skin on frame this time around: I really want a full on fiberglass boat this time.  I want to loft Blue Jean and copy that design, with some mods to ‘fix’ the issues I find in her: like that back deck being too tall, and not having a drop-down skeg.   And longer; maybe only a foot longer, but longer, so I can gain some hull speed.(as a note, I wasn’t the only one that saw these issues: Wilderness systems did too, and when they created the Tempest, they addressed them.  If I could find a Tempest in glass for ‘the right price’, I’d go that route.  Rarer then hens teeth though,,, and usually disappear within minutes of listing, even the roto-molded versions)

No matter if I find one, or build on, I have a feeling that I will be settled for quite a long time.  I have paddled the hell out of Blue Jean since I got her and love every minute of it.  Even told C, while we were on the Buck, that I would happily take BJ down that river with no qualms.  Eddy lines, No Problem.  Class 2-3 rapids, No problem.  As long as the river is more than 20′ wide, that boat will handle it.  And as tight as I can lean it, peeling out of eddy-lines won’t be the issue that some think it would be.

not me, but showing what CAN be done with a long boat (with practice of course.)

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