Believe nothing, no matter where you read it, or who said it – no matter if I have said it! – except it agree with your own reason and your own common sense.” – Siddhartha Gautama, a.k.a. the Buddha


I dunno, maybe its just parallel thinking, or that Sarah does read my little blog and maybe some little thing I say acts like a writing prompt to her: but lately, I write some little blurb on my page, then later in the day read Sarahs pages and BAM, there are some of my words buried in an essay that says FAR BETTER what I was trying to say.   Maybe I am just seeing things, but thats what it feels like, especially the last week or so.

Like in this one, where she mentions this,,,

The accreditation, the power, the structure is symbolic. And that’s what the left has seized, thereby claiming you can’t be a whatever without drinking deep of their poison. Which they then use to claim “all smart people are with us.”

I just said yesterday that in my experiance, 9 outta 10 times, credentials means someone earned the Credential and learning CEASED.    Granted there are careers that won’t tolerate that, like Doctors and Lawyers, since the nature of the career is always in flux (they call it the “practice” of medicine for a reason,,,,). Doctors are learning new meds or procedures and the whole is in constant evolution.  Law is constantly changing as well and no ONE lawyer is going to be an expert on the whole, especially in Tax Law and the like.   

One example of the “Learning CEASED” is personal experiance in a welding job I held.   They had one Certified Welder in the whole shop.  He would ‘sign off’ on welds he had nothing to do with, because there were legal issues that needed massaged.  Problem was, the dude was the absolute shittiest welder in the building.  He could lay one heck of a bead on a plate and make it ‘purty’, but the boy couldn’t weld a seam to be water tight if his life depended on it.  But he had that danged Cert and that was all the lawyers were concerned about.

And the same thing goes with mechanics these days it seems.   ASE certification (and I held 7 of 8 at one time: Not master mechanic, but one cert away, and also when I figured out that the certification process was a scam to generate income for ASE,,,) These days, I have seen ASE techs that are literal parts hangers with NOT ONE CLUE what the fundamentals of what they are trying to ‘fix’ are.   When I turned wrench back in the early nineties, I was taught by three “Graybeards” on Drivability and Diagnostics (mostly electrical and where I excelled at,,,).  We didn’t just throw parts at cars to isolate the problem, we did TESTING, and our testing was as basic as it could get in comparison to the high tech tools of today.   One such tool was a simple audio receiver and we had small Piezo pickups that we would clamp to various parts of the area in question.  One of us would drive the car and the other would sit there with headphones listening to the suspect area.  I learned how to use an oscilloscope then and read what those little squiggly lines meant, and when they were WRONG.   even learned how to read the ‘heartbeat’ of a fuel injector and could show you where it closed fully on that ‘squiggly line’.  or if it wasn’t closing fully and leaking like a sieve, burning up that catalytic converter downstream.

And I took all of that information with me when I went into Live Sound.  Yes, it DOES apply, just not in obvious ways.   And there was a time or two where i had to turn wrench on the bands ride just so the show could go on,,,

So, Sarah, If you are reading this, and you are taking ‘prompts’ from my blurbs, I am humbled beyond words.  If not, Don’t say nuthin, and let me have my little illusion for awhile.   

One more link to Sarahs Blog and then I am gonna wrap it for the day.   Here in comments, Dirtroadlivin and I have had some commentary conversation.   The gist is that I feel there are several factions at work in the DeepState and things are not all copasetic in lalaland.   The recent Siege of Mar-A-Lago being evidence of this in some sense.   Yes, they are smart enough about the world at large to see how it would be viewed by the public.  They don’t care.   Or, they intended this to be the “Harpers Ferry” event. (DUMB!!!) or One faction knew how it would be construed and deliberately set-up an “egg on face” event for an opposing faction.   

OR, Sarah is completely right and they are just that Flipping Whacked in the head and STOOPID. (RTWT please)

Now, why do I think there is more than one faction involved?  The Afghanistan Pants-shitting retreat.  With the information that was allowed out, about how the military pretty much skedaddled in the wee dark hours, leaving behind enough gear to outfit any Army, much of which was also classified stuff, like crypto gear, THEN turned around and gave the Taliban information about Intelligence assets in country,,,,   This was one part of STATE vs INTELLIGENCE and the intent was to get rid of some problem children, and suck up to the Chinee by giving them a well armed security force (the Taliban) to protect their interests in Affy from those pesky Russians.    (If you think I am making shit up, you need to look at all the mining operations and Gas pipelines running through Affy and just who the hell owns what,,,)

Now, you are seeing the Faction that wants total power doing silly bugger stuff, like trying to set up Trump so he can never run for re-election, EVAH AGAIN, but just who set up the whole affair.   This looks like something dropped into someones lap by some intelligence agent so they could get the Egg in face event they wanted.   

BUT, I wouldn’t rule out “they are that stoopid” either.    Can’t fall into the fallacy of “Malice before idiocy“.  


Alright, I am done for the night, (still need to mow my weeds, um, I mean my yard, while its dry.  2 weeks of rain and I have a small hay-field to contend with,,,   AND that must be done before I can go play with kayaky stuff anymore,,,,   )


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