Believe nothing, no matter where you read it, or who said it – no matter if I have said it! – except it agree with your own reason and your own common sense.” – Siddhartha Gautama, a.k.a. the Buddha

You buys a ticket, then go for a ride

THAT is how it should be, eh?   Not so much as we would like to believe in this day and age.  Seems most everyone is being taken for a ride, on tickets we didn’t choose to purchase.

Sarah spells it out in her Cassandra post.   I ain’t gonna say her hunches are wrong, hell, I have had similar and for the same reason, I can’t ‘verify’, and that is simply by design of the hucksters at large.   While we have been able to verify that Dominion voting machines are in place in many locales, we don’t know where, how many, how many are openly compromised, (though I would hazard approaching 100%) 

And we don’t know FOR CERTAIN, who is pulling the strings.  *cough*soros*cough cough*.  We do know that the play book as written by Saul Alinsky is in full play, has been since Oblammy was running first time around, and we do know that any and all definitions are malleable by the media at large, so what we are told can mean one thing today, something different the next.    

All we can do is stick to our guns, demand TRUTH, and dig for what we know is out there, but hidden behind veil after veil of subterfuge and obfuscation.  We know that those at the controls of society are NOT the ones that are in front of the cameras, or if they are in front of the cameras, the strings they can pull are not the ones they lay claim to.  I would bet good money that the Gin-Hag Pee-Lousey has way more pull and sway than she is supposed to have access to.   I do recall her tantrum when Trump told her she wasn’t allowed to request Air Force transportation while the Government was in shutdown: that she would just have to fly Commercial for awhile.   (it’s not like she would be subjected to the testicle squeezers or low resononce imaging devices,  

I don’t have the means to fulfill most of what Sarah requests in her post.   I do have a small means to keep spreading the word past her usual realm, and that is what I aim for here with this post.    Go read it, the woman grew up in Socialist Portugal, stood in protests with live ammunition aimed at her teenage self, and she knows better than us mushy-middlin-Americans what the game plan looks like when the Left of Lenin start going for broke.   If you know something about what she asks, speak up, send her that info, if you know someone that may,,,   If you are IN the inner sanctum and starting to feel angst over the FRAUD, speak out,     

The tickets are bought, but the ride is only starting to wind up, and it AIn’t the ride we were told of.

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