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Aleut paddle, magic smoke and the ire of the small gods

Well now,  apparently the small gods do not take kindly to my ‘modified’ Aleutian paddle design.   To clarify, I had intended to modify this one with a wing profile on the back face instead of the narrowing ridge-line that is the signature of Aleut paddles.   I had my first three pieces lam-ed up, glue dry enough for working strength and was running my electric planer on the edges, trying to knock down some of the thickness.    Things going good, even though the planer would get choked with the cedar shavings and I would have to clear the exhaust out.   And no, it wasn’t from gooey glue gumming up the works: I never hit the glue level, just the faces I wanted trimmed down.

But apparently that last clog was the needle that broke my planers back.   Smoke started pouring out of the motor housing and the Amp Limit warning on my inverter started screaming. And I could hear the motor sounding clunky.   This wasn’t a creeping issue, it was all of sudden, out of the blue and blam!!! Planer is TOAST!!!

The warranty expired in June.   Go figure huh?  (it was some house brand from Menards, so likely made right alongside those that Harbor Freight sells,,,*eyeroll*)

So, while I am not done with said paddle, I am starting to think that what I want is not appealing to the Small Sea gods, and they are sending fair warning “to not go there”.   (note, the design is sorta hybrid Greenland (the back face) and Aleutian in design.)   Maybe there is a reason here,,,   Maybe I am just reading way too much into the trials I am getting this go-round.

But I WILL build another paddle.  I am running shy on paddle to boat ratio right now, and while its a non-issue with my usual crew, I would be short ‘staffed’ if I were to run out with a newbie that wanted introduced to long boat kayaking.   So, what I have currently goes on the rack until such time as I buy another planer, OR I decide to to this all by hand with jack-planes and cabinet planes (UGH!!!   that shoulder is already cramping just thinking about it.) OR, I find out if B would be willing to bust out that board planer of his,,,   LOL.  Just kiddin’ B; too far to drive just for planing ONE board.   BUT, I may bring it next visit, just cuz,,,

sigh.  Guess if I really wanna do this, its hand tools time,,,

At least the house smells wonderful with fresh cut cedar shavings all over the porch (swept ’em up and packed Voo’s doghouse with ’em)

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  1. B

    That planer can be fired up at a minutes notice, just bring plenty of man glitter making material. I’ve got gp I need to be making anyways

    Liked by 1 person

    August 3, 2022 at 10:48 pm

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