Believe nothing, no matter where you read it, or who said it – no matter if I have said it! – except it agree with your own reason and your own common sense.” – Siddhartha Gautama, a.k.a. the Buddha

Rehab, water style

Ol’ girl turns 26 in October, can ya believe it?

And she is no slouch.  May not be a race boat, but I am making no assumptions at this point.  Lots of wind out here today and the amount of rocker this boat has, she was squirrelly as all get out when the wind started pushing.  Very similar to how WW boats are: they’ll track ‘okay’ while you’re paddling, but the moment you let off, they want to swap ends.  This one is doing that to a small extent, and it has everything to do with that rocker.   So, while I was able to get some speed up, I don’t think I hit her limits.  More like I had to keep making corrections so couldn’t  push any harder than I was.   Still, 5.6 mph isn’t nothing, but Ghost is faster at 6.3.   Again,  I don’t think that 5 6 is her limit.

You can see the chop in the water.  The pic is from a bay that was blocking a lot of that wind, but the waves from the main lake were still making an appearance.  I didn’t notice the waves, not even a little bit, with the occasional exception as one would break on the hull from quarters.   Abeam, nothing, leading or following, even less, and only saw, never felt those breakers.

Down sides:   that backrest has got to GO!!  Tried leaning back and that thing hit me dead in the short ribs, painfully!!!.  Until that is replaced, there will be zero layback rolls.  I can do a sweep, but there are times where conditions arent going to allow it, but a lay back or forward sweep will do the trick. (I didn’t roll her, but I did find a rock and did my hipsnaps, both sides, and she hugs my hips enough that they felt effortless. I think me n this boat are gonna be longtime friends.)

She IS 26 years old. Her neoprene hatch covers are newer, replacements from Brookes in UK, but her deck bungees are floppy and sundamaged. They don’t hold very much or well.

And considering how worn out I am working through the wind today, she absolutely needs a skeg. And as comfortable as I was for 7 miles of paddling, I will make the investment in her. Got a line on a skeg kit for a Franklin, and while it won’t be this week, it will be soon. And a new Backband, thats first order!!!

And how did I get her??? Total horse trade. The owner wasn’t certian he wanted the Jefe after looking at the pics, but once he saw her in person, and paddled around a bit and felt how she handled,,, done deal. So, my expense was fuel to drive 106 miles, and I spent the rest of the day (till sundown) hanging with B, T and Bub. And the meal B n T produced,,,, OMG!!!! I hurt myself last night, and if I hadn’t shown restraint, would have done serious damage. Wish like heck I’d’ve snagged a pic of those bacon wrapped tenderloins stuffed with cheeses and jalapeños, cooked for 3 hours on the smoker,,,, the dang things melted in the mouth,,,, I told B, ‘good thing you’re the wrong sex and already happily married, or I’d be trying to snag ya up for myself.’

Weekends like this are what make the rest of the time in the Asylum manageable.

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