Believe nothing, no matter where you read it, or who said it – no matter if I have said it! – except it agree with your own reason and your own common sense.” – Siddhartha Gautama, a.k.a. the Buddha

Can’t get much better

I hopped over to WRSA today, just cruised the headline posts to see what the world is doing, and I gotta say, things are


Monkeypox, Somalia escalation, still no one talking about the collapse of Sri Lanka,  but hoo-boy are we all worried about our pie.  

Any body stepped out and looked at the weather lately?  

What I mean by that is: the Normies are still trudging along doing normie stuff, grumbling about how little the dollar buys, but still showing up and making the paycheck.  


As for the flu-boos and poxxy whatchmacallits, until I see trenches for mass burials, I am assuming any word on buggies is hyperinflated Boochit from the ministry of Propaganda to keep Joey and Janey Normal in fear and awe.  Butchaknowhat? That chit ain’t working no more.  You could say that some’uns yelled “FIRE” too many times.  The war racket aint pulling ’em in no more either.  

I wonder why that is?

Maybe the fact the ongoing collapse of the currency is making Joey and Janey really focus on imediate concerns, LIKE EATING, or making sure they have enough fuel in the go-buggy to just get to next week, let alone to somewhere.  

And with all of this, my situation can’t get much better.  I has water I can count on, 24/7,  I has a power source that does what I need with back ups for more as needed. I am way off the beaten path and have ‘options’.

But more importantly,  I has whats in my head, and no matter what the world does, or the stoopids* in Mordor on the Potomac do, I will ALWAYS have that.  ‘That’ is answers to the problems of the day as needed and solutions reaching further than tomorrow,  at least at the low altitude level I exist on.

* THE FRAUD was downgraded to ‘Teh Stoopids’ after I watched the new Press Secretary  wobble her way through half an hour non answers that (almost) made Kamalaladingdong look halfway sensible.  And the Twit needed NOTES  to get even that far.   Nopes! I know now there will be pain and suffering but ‘Teh Stoopid’ is only going to fail and fail big, and until then, everything is just going to get stranger. The only reality that makes any sense is that the puppetmasters know its failing and are making sure they ‘have theirs’ for when the ball finally drops.

The thing that burns me: it doesn’t have to be this way, there is more than enough in the world and we know it, that all of the failures happening had to be INDUCED and it should be obvious to any that will take a moment to observe. I’ll give you that the JIT was a wreck waiting for a reason, but the Fraud was the wrench dropper and even there, they have to KEEP dropping wrenches in and shutting valves off or burning factories to keep that wreck in fail mode. If they would drop away and leave well enough alone, the system would self correct. Thats the nature of free markets, if you leave them be


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