Believe nothing, no matter where you read it, or who said it – no matter if I have said it! – except it agree with your own reason and your own common sense.” – Siddhartha Gautama, a.k.a. the Buddha

Sorry, not sorry

Yeah, I kinda had a pissing fit this mornin’.   So what.  Maybe I need to do it more often, at least I received feedback about what I wrote, and in more comments than I usually get in a week of blogging with multiple a day posts.   

As for the WHY I had a pissing fit,,, I get so damned sick and tired of hearing “theyz comin’ for our gunz” by people, that I would say 90% or better of, will never, EVER lift a finger to fight back against tyrants, other than slapping a membership fee to “The Lairds of Fairfax” (as Mike Vanderbaugh, RIP, so eloquently called the NRA) or VOAT HARDER.   

I get frustrated reading so many comments like that and yet how many of those people actually do SOMETHING to make their lives better, other than operating completely in the Consumer profile: Make more to spend more and have more than the Jones,,,

How many would make a move to live off-grid and stick to it year after year?  

How many actually know what HUNGER feels like?   And I mean the deep down, hasn’t seen food for three days type HUNGER.   (It’s been a LONG time for your scoundrel of a blogger, but I DO know that feeling when your stomach is gnawing on your ribs looking for a little substance, and you haven’t taken a crap all week, because, well, there’s NOTHING IN THERE,,,) 

I make no bones about my situation in life, it sucks right now, because of choices I freely made, some with forethought, others with expectations that didn’t reach fruition, but ALL OF THEM, were MINE and MINE ALONE, and I don’t blame anyone else for it.  

I don’t go chasing any ‘check’ from Unca Shugah to cover me.  I know that by the time I reach that point where I should be able to apply for SSI, It’s going to be so far in the hole,,,   IF it even exists then.   And that time is not as far away as I would like.  (and that is one thing I can’t do anything about, TIME and AGE.)(not completely true, I can take better care of myself and my health, and I can schedule how I use my time better, but time does not stop despite my strongest pleas, and AGE is not reversible,,,,).  My own asphalt, and my own solutions: if they work, great, if not, regroup.

Now, I realize that the two links I provided didn’t ‘lend to my story’ so well, but I put them in place for a reason.  The first one to BCE’s place was to point out the situation that sparked my fury.  Not that his article did that, it was all of it, the shooter, that it’s looking to be another one of Professor X’s protege, with a healthy dose of FIbby Incompetence (and the fact that the whole thing is starting to be swept under the rug by the EneMedia, says it fizzled on them,,).    The second link to Arthur Sido’s main page was so that others can go read all the research he has done into the cannibal feasts that are weekly events in places like Chi-congo, Destroyt, and some of the other hives that went Generational Blue back in the ’60s and ’70s.  I linked him to show that there are more black-on-black multiple-victim shootings, and yet the EneMedia blacks it out constantly, yet the minute a whyte-dood does some stupid stunt, the blood dance begins in earnest.   And the same characters on the other side start hollerin’ “Theyz gonna banz our gunz”.  Bleating like Sheep over it is probably the more apt description,,,,

And that’s why I ran all CAPs in the one section in that post.   I am sick of hearing that shit from people that are gonna be first in line to ‘turn ’em in’ (prove me wrong) where people like me may turn them in AFTER we have expended all of our ammo against those that came to collect(if we survive that long,,,).   

And I can tell you, even with mentions in this blog, NOT ONE PERSON (other than me), knows what makes up my armory.  Only I know how much ammo I have and of what.   Only I know what “alternative means” I have acquired or have the means to manufacture.  And while there is a profile on me in the rolls of the EOD, they don’t know to what extent I added to the knowledge they provided to me, nor will I elaborate on that.

And I mean to keep it that way.   

And so should you.   

The Forms the ATF and FIbs use at purchase aren’t supposed to be a Registry, but I think everyone knows it makes it so much easier to use paperwork like that to create one.   BUT, this again goes back to the ASSUMPTION that Government is 1) Competent. 2) Omnipotent and 3 )Benevolent.    If you laughed out loud on number one, Great, You have the right mindset.  If you started to um-and-ahhh by number two, Keep digging, you have a lot more learning to do.  And with number three, If you started to argue that I am F@#ked in the head and that Gov is trying to take care of us.  Just close this page now,,,,

D’Ya want to see a competent Government?   Don’t look towards the Swamp.   Effective? yes, for now, but they are rapidly losing ground as more and more are waking up to their game, and more and more are asking hard questions.  But Competent?  Hardly.   If they were competent, people like me would already have been lined up against the wall. The ONLY reason they are still as effective as they are has to do with COMPLIANCE. And that was the main point of my earlier post. STOP COMPLYING. They tell you that you aren’t allowed to own guns, MAKE THEM TAKE THEM AWAY. There is no way they can FORCE COMPLIANCE, it has to be given freely, and they have had a free pass on that for the last several decades. That they are now starting to get uppity about it shows that it’s failing on them rapidly, and they know that the end game is near.

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  1. I admire any man that can stand up and say, “yep, I’m in the shit and I did it to myself.”
    It took me a long time and not a little growth to be able to admit that out loud, cuz it’s damn hard to accept responsibility and show humility. Something the /pols/ clearly know nothing about.
    I don’t know you, but I strongly suspect you’re a good man. Keep your chin up, it’s rough now but life is all ebbs and flows.

    Liked by 1 person

    May 17, 2022 at 4:59 pm

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