Believe nothing, no matter where you read it, or who said it – no matter if I have said it! – except it agree with your own reason and your own common sense.” – Siddhartha Gautama, a.k.a. the Buddha

The tale of Two Tycoons, scarcity and boobies,,,,

A mile apart, two business men, two industries not related, two mentalities.   One has the scarcity mindset, can’t part with a dime without creating turmoil and angst in his mind. Doesn’t matter if its to make a sale, or grow his company: any expenditure has to show a profit from the word go, or it won’t happen.  His company limps along on old equipment, has a high turnover and struggles year to year: most years the P&L hovers over the redline.

Second businessman, An abundance mindset.  He sees the materials coming in, knows that there is a portion of it that can not be resold for whatever reason, but that deters him not.  He pays his people well, and has almost no turnover.    All of that material that can’t be resold, while it could be cut into smaller sizes and possibly resold to smaller buyers, the owner of this company instead piles it up at a publicly accessed place and allows anyone to come and pick through it for what they can use, and charges nothing for it.  He sees that there is little benefit to his being greedy for what little he would make in selling it, and he does a good deed for the local community.  His product is hardwoods, and those piles of ‘scrap’ are divvied up as firewood amongst those that have a hard time logging their own.

In the first case, there is so much scrap built up that employees have a hard time negotiating the shop floor, and their attitude becomes lacking in keeping the shop in order.  The second place is always ‘a mess’ (sawdust gets everywhere) but there is always order, the pathways are clear, and no one worries about tripping on anything other than their own shoelaces.

In the first case, there is no incentive to correct the issues, and any attempt to try, is shut down when the owner doesn’t want to pay for the time to do so.(no profit in that,,,)

In the second case, the people are encouraged to keep things straight and are compensated accordingly.  Those that ‘go above and beyond’ get noticed and rewarded.

Both companies are staples to the community, but one has a good reputation and the other gets the side-eye, A LOT.   I have heard mothers telling their kids to look at working at the one, while saying ‘you don’t need to work there’ about the other.

Interestingly enough, both places are ran by Democrats, the only difference is age.  The one with scarcity in mind, is much older, well past retirement age.   The other is ‘a young punk'(according to the other tycoon) in his mid thirties.  If the political bend has something to do with the mindset, I am not sure how, but the age thing tells me quite a bit about where the thinking come from.     In Rich Dad, Poor Dad, Robert explains that the scarcity mindset is based on fear and misinformation.  Fear of losing what you have.  Misinformation on how you attained it to begin with.   

And fear that you couldn’t ‘get it back’ if you did lose it, because you don’t have a clue how you did it to begin with.  The “young punk” KNOWS how he made it, and could do it again if something went wrong.  The other seems to have been guessing and gambling and is scared to death of losing that pot.

I know for a fact that the first owner was “Dirt poor” when he was growing up.  He has talked about the house he grew up in: a ‘company house’ on company property, and having to use Scrip at the company store to buy food and clothes.  The house ‘had holes you could toss a cat through’, and in the winter, water would freeze in the cup on the night stand.   There were two bedrooms, and the boy kids all shared one bed while the parents would share with the girls.    This was so common in this area even into the 50’s and early 60’s that I find others who just nod their heads, acknowledging ‘been there done that’. One guy I know that was from ‘a rich family’ (an opinion that is strictly local,,,) had two stoves.  Both wood fired.  One was outside so that ‘mom’ could keep cooking in the summer without overheating the house.   That house did not have running water, or an inside toilet, and yet the family was considered very well off and well to do.   and that was in the late 50’s.    


I have mentioned that the Great Depression never let up in Appalachia.  It has, but it took it about 50 years longer than the rest of the world to happen.  And even now, the mindsets of that time are still very much active.   There are those ‘tycoons’ in the area that have that mindset so ingrained, even when the cost of living is skyhigh, they begrudge raising prices to compensate good people.  And I have heard them say ‘ I made it on fifty cents an hour, you can too’.  But that doesn’t account for the fact that when they made it on fifty cents, that money bought 10 times what it does now.  You could buy two candy bars for that fifty cents back in the 50’s, now, not so much.   The Great Depression may have eased up here, but the people haven’t.

And in some ways, thats also a plus; Things like ‘Food Shortages” are not going to hit this area like they would, say Cincinnati, or Chi-congo.   These people know how to do without, and get what they need from the earth, because that is just the way this area has been since they were wee-sprouts. 

And that brings me around to the recent “Formula Shortage” thing.    I understand that this is a problem.  BUT, I have to ask, and forgive me if this seems obtuse and forward, WHY are these mothers dependent on formula when they have two perfectly good feeding units attached to their chest?   Convenience?    Seeing the way this country has turned to that, I have to think so.   And I do know that if you ‘don’t use them, you lose them’, and that we, as a society, are rather hung up on bare breasts for some reason.   Maybe the fact that the majority of us were denied them in our baby-days,,,   Dunno.    But it seems to me that the solution is packed in a double barrel directly under those peoples noses and they refuse to see it.  (and I do know a family that has NEVER needed formula and they have 4 kids, and all of those kids are seriously HEALTHY and active and more developed than some other kids the same ages,,,,  Just sayin’.). 

Just had a thought,,,,   Are the women so fearful of losing the ‘Perkies’ that they deny their own children God’s designated feeding system?    Sorry ladies, I will tell you that Heinlein’s ” I like ’em nippled chewed and lived in” statement applies to me, and I can tell you more than a few guys would rather a ‘lived in’ breast over those silicone falsies.    I have heard ‘Genetic, not Generic” from more than a few guys.   Maybe the problem isn’t one of “Convenience” but one of “VANITY”.    Prove me wrong???    

Maybe we need, as a society, kicked back into pre-electricity days to teach us a little humility.     49269646198 0fc20b55b7

3 responses

  1. Shelly

    Breast fed babies are healthier so long as momma is healthy and sober. That second part being a huge issue today. Natural immunities are passed from mom to baby AND from passed examples, breast feeding momma’s tend to lose that baby fat quicker than non-breast feeding momma’s . Steve and I was just talking about this the other day. When the mom’s had to go to work to help keep the family finances going, this was the start of the “family breakdown”. Now the momma roles are sent to the babysitters, other family members and the schools. And we all know how well the public schools are doing for our little ones. Ouch. Then there comes the loss of discipline in family units and schools and our kids are able to do what they want how they want when they want or they know they can make a phone call to authorities to take care of mean momma or daddy. What they don t see is where they could end up because of this action. Anyway, I’m getting off the subject.
    Going back to momma’s on drugs, not all these said women are on illegal drugs. These pharmaceutical companies are slipping their evils into our worlds with drugs for ADHD, depression, mental disabilities, etc that the medical society is creating to make pharmaceuticals rich . These are all warned to not use when breast feeding. Our world has done so much to unravel the family units and take away our co-dependancy on each other so we seek the help of government instead. This has been all part of the plan for decades now. And unfortunately it is working as they hoped. The values of yesteryears are gone.
    Sorry for the rant. These are obvious issues anyone can see but the blinders we have been raised with are not being removed by the majority of people. That blind eye is refusing to see the full spectrum. The movie “Indiocracy” is much closer to reality and it’s scary to think we as humans are allowing it to take over in our own homes. Just my opinion.


    May 15, 2022 at 8:08 am

    • Wow!!! Maybe I need to give you access to post!!! Trust me, it helps, some, to let it all out.
      All damned good points too! If I were in school now, they would have me doped to the gills for ADHD, OCD, etc etc etc. And for what is really Aspergers? F! THAT!
      I’m sure more than a couple of my readers are reading your comment and about breaking their necks nodding agreement with you.
      I wouldn’t go so far as to say the values of yesteryear are gone, but they are not fashionable now and when they do appear, are rode into the ground by those that wish they would go away. We were raised that way, even with the few rules Da placed on us, and we see how they need brought back.


      May 15, 2022 at 10:59 am

  2. Shelly

    I forgot to mention. Remember back when baby formulas were being recalled because of someone tainting the packages with something that was making the babies sick or killing them? What exactly is in these formulas? I never trusted them and never will.


    May 15, 2022 at 8:17 am

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