Believe nothing, no matter where you read it, or who said it – no matter if I have said it! – except it agree with your own reason and your own common sense.” – Siddhartha Gautama, a.k.a. the Buddha

Naw, T’ain’t ded, YET,,,

But sure as shit, the world does keep on a tryin’ to end things for this scoundrel of a blogger.    At least my online persona side of things.  No, I haven’t had any run in of foul intent, or accidental mayhem.  Not this year anyways.  Still waiting on the courts system to handle the beast the tried to turn my cranium inside out with a 9: been a year and a half and supposedly they are finally going to get around to a trial.   ( 15 monthly pre-trial hearings?   Sounds more like lawyers dragging feet to run up fees, but I digress.)

Found a new barber, thank the small gods for little blessings.   After the last mess I was left with, I decided to shop around a bit and find someone that wasn’t blind in his right eye (or something.  2″ difference in hair length from left to right, and it was OBVIOUS.  Nottagoinbackathere, nopers, noways,).  Guy was talkative, without being obnoxious, conservative without being an ass about it,  deeply religious without saying a word (he had a gospel concert playing on the tube,,,   Sound off, but the show was pretty good.)

As to why I have been so daggum quiet this week.   Sunspots; My internet connection has been spotty at best during daylight hours, and those are the times when I can get the most writing in without Grizzies assistance at typing.   I have been busy, just by the time I get around to being able to hit that publish button, my ‘re-read’ tells me “meh!, you can do better”.  SO, it hits the round file and I carry on, on another vein.   Only, 

Yeah, Excuses, Right?   It is, but the sunspot thing is definitely an issue with connectivity and figuring out what the heck is  going on in the world, when you have to wait for a ten minute upload of a page,,,    Yeah, shit sucks a bit during the day, and the best time is pre-dawn, and for some reason, I have NOT been all that keen about seeing the darkside of dawn this year.       That is completely out of character for me.  Usually I am the one up when the katz are returning from their forays out and about in the wee-darks.  (note, some of that may be a mild case of depression I have been fighting with as well.   I do know that when my ‘ugly side’ takes hold, I sleep, LOTS.    I’ma workin’ on THAT too.)

And what is going on in the world is the Narratives are falling apart faster than the scene carpenters can buy new paint, let alone slap it over the wear points.   Seriously, why there haven’t been crowds bearing pitch-forks and torches parading the mall of Mordor on the Potomac says more about our apathy to this shit, than their SKILLS at manipulation.  More and more I am seeing people unplugging from the feeds, saying “I can’t handle this crap anymore, I have living to do.” or something to that effect.   See more and more old-skool Democrats shaking their heads at the FRAUD, but then they eyeball the GOPe and see the same shit; thats not a recipe for longevity in the political arenas, let me tell you.    Oh, and Turtle-boy McConnell is in for one hell of a shock next turn around.   His shills in the electoral department are going to have to put in months of overtime to skew the system enough to keep that has-been of a hound in office.   And it will be so obvious, His home in Loo-vool may become a target.  Not that I condone such activity or anything, just sayin’.

Alright, Time to touch base on one of the comments I had recently.   Chris stated “its going to take a lot more than NO’.   Yes, and a resounding NO at the same time.   At current situation reports, yes, There is going to need to be force applied, of the FUgly Sort at that.   Reason, that apathy I mentioned above.  Not enough people want to deal with it.   As for the resounding NO part.   All it would take is 165 million people saying “No more with-holding on my pay”, “No, we won’t VOAT for any of. you shits”, etc etc etc.   If half of HONEST Ameri-Can’s would just stop complying, submitting, and playing by THEIR rules, the house of cards would collapse overnight.   

But I am a realist, I know the likelihood of that,,,, I have a better chance at hitting the powerball.  So, yes Chris, I do agree with you, I just wish it weren’t so, when the alternative is just as effective without the bloodshed. (or ‘as much’, I should say,,,). Another side to that is one I see around these parts.   So many are on the dole in some form or another.   We have a HUGE portion of voters that are retired and living on that ‘check’: they aren’t going to get uppity about what the FRAUD is doing (though they sure do note that said ‘check’ isn’t stretching as far these days). There is a rather large portion that are on disability (fraudulently in many cases IMO) and then again, the whole disability thing is so F!ed UP! as to reward societal failure,,,   Couldn’t graduate school and can’t hold a job because reasons,  Get on SSD and get paid for sitting on your ass and become a leech.   THOSE people certainly don’t want to rock the boat.   And then you have the growing Orwellian “State” and its “work-fare” peeps.   I know many of them are of like mind to me, but they are apart of the system that is built on “Taxation” and that system pays well enough to ‘Keep the mouth shut and soldier on’.   And seeing what Bossman gets from his retirement fund (he was a ‘state boy’ for years) Hell, I can see how the carrot works, I do understand the draw, I just can’t stomach the higher ups and the games they play.  I don’t hold it against people that are part of that system since they are ‘just doing a job’. The exception to that is LEO’s, who the last couple of decades have become the strong arm of the beast: When the law is faulty, and you CHOOSE to enforce it, you are no better than the ‘Tards that wrote the laws.   And when 90+% of the laws on the book are VICTIMLESS, who’s will are you ‘enforcing’?  What’s right? or what you are told to?   (and I do know of a LEO near here that has stopped enforcing laws that are obviously just another form of taxation.  If it isn’t theft, assault, or some other action where there is a victim, even if that victim if property, he looks the other way.   Dunno how long he has before they figure out that he ‘isn’t one of theirs anylonger’ and send him packing, but I don’t doubt they will.)

But yeah, there are all kinds that don’t want to rock the boat, or spill the slop bucket.  And that’s why I have to agree with Chris.

Filled up today.   $55    According to Mint, my expenses have increased a paltry 4% while my income is down by $1700 for the year.   The reality that Mint doesn’t see; my actual spending has decreased dramatically, it’s just that what I have to buy is going way the hell up.   That my income is down that far for the year worries me: gonna have to do something on that end, and Bossman-n-Son may not like my solution.   Still, If I can’t take care of me, I sure as shit don’t expect others do to so for me.  I’ll fix the problem, even if it means a lateral move of some sort.    Was hoping for a physical move, but Da picked up a case of cold feet and decided the evil he knows (this hollar) is better than the one he doesn’t.   He sticks: I have to as well.  He jets: I burn my bridges.   Thats the promise I made back in August of last year, and I don’t renege,,,

So, It looks like there is enough cloud cover today to foil the Sunspot activity and I get to hit publish.    

More later this weekend as I get a chance to recoup and get my bearings on the world at large.    (and there will be some kayaky goodness involved in all that too, but I won’t bore you with piddlin’ details of a slow boat on a big lake, LOL)

3 responses

  1. bigcountryexpat

    Hope things stay on an even keel for you Gyrene. If’n you ever look to relocating to where it’s warm year round, and the Kayaking on the Alafia River (a feeder to the Gulf 4 miles as the crow files from the Casa) is prime, the first round of Crayolas and Beers are on me.


    May 15, 2022 at 4:41 pm

  2. Hedge

    55 to fill up? That’s cheap. The F250 takes 130.00 from E to F. That’s 400 miles or less. Hook the lawn trailer up and it’s 10mpg average. Yes my prices are up this year.


    May 16, 2022 at 12:07 pm

    • I fill up when I hit 200 on rhe tripmeter. Yeah, cheap short-term, but it adds up, just tha same


      May 16, 2022 at 7:41 am

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