Believe nothing, no matter where you read it, or who said it – no matter if I have said it! – except it agree with your own reason and your own common sense.” – Siddhartha Gautama, a.k.a. the Buddha

wet day fun day

Man, talk about a week. Still riding on that rush of testosterone from last week. And I plan on adding to it today. Just as an aside, ya ever have one of those workouts that caused you to have itchy connective tissues? If you have I don’t need to explain further, but if you haven’t, its a DEEP itch, that you can’t get to, right where the muscles hit bone. Been feeling that the last couple of days, in my chest and lats. Did a little math on the race, just for giggles, and came up with roughly 6300 paddle strokes to complete that race. Thats A LOT of push up and pull up motion and while not as strained as a push up or a pull up, it adds up, and makes for lean muscle growth.

So those peeps that like the long pig won’t find me all that palatable. I’ll have some seriously tough and stringy muscle mass that won’t make for good eatin’. LOL.

Yah, Gallows humor; sometimes it’s what carries you through.

Did some reading this AM before donning the neoprene, which I am warming up as we speak (it can be COLD when you first put it on.) and saw this,,,>> <<. over at Emeralds Substak. (you’ll have to C+P the link, I don’t want to embed it and get his “ICK” on my blog.)

That there are people with such self loathing, loathing of their own species,,, even a five year old can hear the circular logic in this POS’s words, and yet its Crap like this that is up there guiding the world towards whatever. Their own hatred drives them to such positions. Why them and not us? Because WE just want to be left alone and those pieces of shit can’t get that particular point through their heads. THEY are compelled by their own self-hatred to force the rest of us into their mold, and then cry rivers when we don’t comply (or worse, throw tantrums and cause genocides and the like. )

Am I othering in this case? DAMNED STRAIGHT I am!

I have a feeling listening to this pustule that IF I were ever to be in the same room as him and he opened his pie-hole, I would shove his foot into it with PREJUDICE!!! Not that I would ever be in such a place and time, I am way far below that level, and happily so. That filth is why we are suffering the things we do, when in fact, the world is full of resources and opportunities IF ONLY WE WEREN’T REGULATED TO THE POINT OF ASPHYXIATION.

But no, these people don’t see the human race as viable or worthwhile (Their words) all while being a part of that (or are they? that could be debatable, and why we ‘joke’ about lizard people,,,). And they wonder why people like me despise them so much. Even a stray cur dog has more sense of self-worth and belonging than those POSs display. I think the proper term is NIHILISM, and “THEY” display it in Brobdingnagian proportions.

OK, time for me to get my narrow ass to the Church of the Two Bladed Paddle and reinforce the proper attitude to get through the dearth of proper work and finances.

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