Believe nothing, no matter where you read it, or who said it – no matter if I have said it! – except it agree with your own reason and your own common sense.” – Siddhartha Gautama, a.k.a. the Buddha

The winds of Walspurgnacht

Thats my story n I’m stickin’ to it!!!

Note that LOW average speed? My average last week was 4.3ish. Not 2.8. I may have hit that 5.9 today, but it was with the turbo blast of wind coming off the Dam of the lake I was on. (and Selkie felt like she was skiing across that water, without much of my help other than to keep me upright and pointed downwind.)

2.4 miles total travel and I felt more beat up this week than last. That wind was brutal today. Even the bassboats headed in about the same time I was. Freakin’ wind was tossing all of us around.

All good though, I managed to get water time in, still feel froggy when I start out but that subsides quick. The more seat time I get the better that transition responds. New foot rest worked just fine (did I mention I needed to change that last week? Don’t recall,,,, If not, yeah, the foot rest was way off and I made new and even managed to get the parts that I can’t make ordered and on hand before the weekend arrived. Yay Me!)

And I need a new GPS. that one is good enough to use as a dashboard for things like this, but the maps in it are all wrong. And Garmin no longer supports it: hasn’t in several years. SO, no new maps for it and my breadcrumb trail in it shows me on land for half of this little jaunt. No shoreline, but ON land, by several hundred meters in one instance.

C’est la Vie,,,, It can wait, as I have no real need of it currently, and what I have does work, it just doesn’t do ALL I would like of it. And a breadcrumb trail is a breadcrumb trail: what the ‘map’ says doesn’t have to correspond to the territory you are in, in this case. (and have you seen the prices on new units, sheesh!!!)

Tomorrow is domestics day, and “fix someone else’s truck day”, doesn’t seem to be much moving in the world of the FRAUD this weekend, so I may not post anything tomorrow. If I do, it is guaranteed to be frivolous and silly. I’m feeling kinda silly this week.

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