Believe nothing, no matter where you read it, or who said it – no matter if I have said it! – except it agree with your own reason and your own common sense.” – Siddhartha Gautama, a.k.a. the Buddha

DOnt quIT

Mehbe y’all noted a slight shift in my attitude lately.   Yeah, its there and I  FUCKIN’ NEEDED IT.

In no small part, the race Saturday (and good people, good food and good beer) has a LOT to do with that shift.

Ya see, when you are in what on dry land looks like a big boat but isn’t, and you are in the  middle of thousands of acres of open water, sore and tired, and your goal is ‘way out thatta’ways’ ; QUITING IS NO OPTION.   I saw/felt it personally and vicariously.  I felt it when I was crossing that Bay to the finish.   And I saw the same while B and T were struggling up wind across that same bay.  I was using 18x binos and they both looked so insignificant on that water from 3/4mile distance.  You realize just how POWERFUL we really are when you realize that everyday the great wide world is doing its damnedest to kill us and yet,,,      here we are!!!

We are our own worst enemies.  If we let the surrender monkies in our heads, they feed on our fears and we fold up, quit paddling, cower and cringe. Their arguments sound so logical and inevitable, so we listen.  And the worst part is, they have good intentions, so we get sucked in to those fears.  They end up living rent free in our heads, we lose sight of the end goals/shoreline and quit paddling.  When you’re in a little itty bitty boat that gets swallowed up in waves, not moving is DYING. 

But reality always wins.  That shore may be over the horizon, but is still there.  We may be worn to frayed edges and near delusional, but we MUST keep paddling, even when the fogs roll in, THAT SHORE IS STILL OUT THERE.  DOnt quIT

Reality ALWAYS wins.   Plans created on ideas not based in realties WILL FAIL.   Any engineer can tell you ‘too many moving parts, equals unaccounted and unacceptable complications’.  When plans created for 7 billion odd moving parts that have minds of their own,,,,  it can’t work.  Especially when many of those parts are actively looking for work arounds before the plan is implemented.  What appears a problem is just an unseen solution, an opportunity for something different, better, brighter.  Stop buying the ‘all hope is lost’ and start looking for that shoreline/unseen solution.

Just DO IT!!!  

Note to B: Tonya was right, I NEEDED to race…

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