Believe nothing, no matter where you read it, or who said it – no matter if I have said it! – except it agree with your own reason and your own common sense.” – Siddhartha Gautama, a.k.a. the Buddha

Last of the ooff!!! posts(and a detour)

short by long day today(read BORING) at the salt mine.  four hours, *sigh*…

Lats are letting me know that we paddled 6+miles Saturday, but that seems to be the worst of it.  Good to go otherwise.  
Spent a little time surfing the nets today, and while yeah, not much is going on, a shit ton is going on at the same time, and not a whole lot of people seem to be putting the dots together.

Some are though, and when it goes sideways later this year, say around late September, early October, a LOT of people are going to be looking around and asking questions.  There are solutions that can be implemented RIGHT NOW, and to work, they would need to be done, well, yesterday would be best, but right now would work too.  The biggest thing that could be done right now is for the asshats that are causing shipping issues in Grain and Fertilzers to unshackle the rail distribution.   That ain’t gonna happen though: As BCE states, “ I mean WHO ordered this ‘force majeure’ measures?  Someone Somewhere knows Something “. Looking at the ‘accidents’, and how they are spaced with increasing regularity, we ain’t seen the end of the funhouse games either.  Wait until Smithfield packing starts shuttering plants for the coronaphobia.  Chinese owned plants spread out around the country and already (witnessed by mine eyes,  Had a gate install at one recently) a very totalitarian lock down.  Surprised I didn’t see employees in full on level 4 Bio gear, but it wasn’t all that far from it either.

Its not the actions that worry me, its the timelines.   They are stretching this fuck up out over as long as possible and the longer it takes to hit peak, the worse it will be, and the harder to correct.   That they can’t win is simple reasoning: Reality ALWAYS wins and their plans are NOT based in reality.    But man!!! they can sure leave one hell of a mess for the survivors to clean up.   

And I worry about friends.  I am set up pretty sweet, in an out of the way place, with quite a ‘buffer area’ between main roads and myself.   I’m elevated with a good undeveloped area behind me that isn’t easy to traverse without making a ton of noise.   My biggest issue is my ears: they suck.   I can’t hear said noises easily, (unless its really low frequencies, like helo blade thumps) and Voodoos ears are purt much ruined these days as well.  Kittehs have been pretty good about letting me know when things are moving (when they come racing into the house, skid to a stop and all ears and eyes and whiskers are pointed outside, Sumpin’s up!!!). But my friends are NOT set up as well.  I don’t preach, no point in wasting my breath and alienating someone at the same time.  That ain’t my style; I try to lead by example, and in this case if example is ignored, so be it.   An offer is out for sanctuary (to a very few) if it gets to that point, but there will be no luxuries or amenities to be taken for granted: Rationing is a must, and the more mouths, the slimmer the rations.   AND NO DEAD WEIGHT.  You don’t work, you don’t eat.(and if it gets real bad, dead weight becomes fertilizer or dog food.  Voo won’t mind long pig,,,)

Harsh?   Harsh times require harsh methods, and hardened hearts.   Thats LIFE.    I have stated here many a time “Best get it in your head NOW, how you would respond to hard choices.” and there is plenty of Survival Pron out there in fiction to get your head around what could be ‘worst case scenario’.   (example is what happens when one of your littles gets wounded in a fatal way.  Not a quick fatal either: more like getting their liver or kidneys shot up, and there is zero chance of getting to a Trauma Unit.   Slow and painful.  How are you going to deal with that, and NO, folding up in the fetal position is NOT an option.)

deep breath.   relax.  Think water,,,,

I have thought about these things.  Hell, I am always running worst case through my head every day, even on the day to day.   That I haven’t gone on a shooting spree doesn’t tell you I am not dangerous, it tells you that I keep the beast on a very short leash, made from the anchor chain of the Tarawa.    And I look for people who aren’t ‘safe’.   B is one such: I have seen it, He WILL run to the sound of gunfire if needed.  He won’t balk when the shit is getting heavy, and he will stress and strain so long as ANY of his PEOPLE are in even a limited amount of danger.   My brudderbyanuddermudder is good people and I will happily bring him in if need arises.   He and his are where my worries orbit these days.  Their location is not good, IMO, but it is what it is and all of my worries may be for naught.   


I need to break off from this line of thought or I won’t get any sleep tonight.   Here’s sumpin funny for y’all.COCKED



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