Believe nothing, no matter where you read it, or who said it – no matter if I have said it! – except it agree with your own reason and your own common sense.” – Siddhartha Gautama, a.k.a. the Buddha

Post easter thinks

Looking around the spheres today, I see a growing line of thinking that revolves around financial collapse.   Not wanting to fall into the vacuum of a think tank, but knowing that we have been swirling that drain for over a decade (and it started BEFORE 2008, the QE to infinity just put the spurs into the old nag,,) I started thinking about “whats next?”.   

Well, I have no solid answer and I am in no position to say that ‘this’ is definitely gonna happen, so take all of my thinking here as mere speculation, with several drams of salt to season the after taste.

I keep hearing mention of “digital Currency” as the next phase of the collapse, and believe me, if the Fed decides to do away with paper, things are going to go froggy faster than you can blink.   But why now, why would it be so bad, since we are seeing digital currencies already in place.   First off, those digital currencies are what we call block chain currencies.   The Security in them is bottom up, not top down.   YOU control the security of your currency, NOT some Banker type in a far off office with no reason to be fair or balanced.     IF the FED were to create this currency for the masses, it would mean complete control of the monies you use to get through your days.  It would mean that government could control EVERYTHING despite things like the 2A.   If they decided that they didn’t want anyone to buy ammunition, they would just suspend all sales for such with some arbitrary move and no one could buy ammunition, period.  No need to pass some law, or amend a Constitution.  That level of control is exactly what they want.   If you have counter political views, they won’t need to do more than freeze your accounts for 90 days.   If you don’t fall in line by then, they have other means to mess with you: means that are more kinetic in nature, but most people would fold like a cheap suit long before that were needed on their part.

Can they do this? Yes, and no.   Yes, they could create some alternative digital currency to replace the paper forms, and most people would jump on board since they are so involved in the system already, they would have no choice.  NO: because there are already alternative systems in place outside of their influence.  Grey markets, Black Markets, etc.   And there are TONS of paper bills in circulation that many people would continue to use in lieu of that “card swipe” for the stuff that would remain out of the conventional market.   Think Drug Cartels, but in all other aspects of your living.   Farmers markets would be one such, and they would become very mobile, and go grey quickly.   Service industry, like what I do in my day to day, would become underground industry ‘for cash or barter’ only.  The outside systems would expand rapidly, and may even become dangerous (like the drug cartels, and for much the same reason.) but they would not wither away and die like the PTwB dream they would if they remove the paper.  

Coinage would become ‘normal’ again, especially those with honest to God gold and silver coins: even the Junk silver coins of pre-1965.   

I know, it sounds optimistic in some ways, but what I am seeing is not some “Great Reset , though I think there will be a Reset of some sort.  Just not the one the PTwB intend.  What I see is Big Gov failing on levels never before seen without major war.   The legitimacy of all the “Democratic” nations has faltered and is showing just how farcical they are.   We aren’t seeing forced removal of the culprits at this time, but even in Revolutionary France, that took time to build up.   When things get to that stage, the bloodshed will be epic.  My only worry at this stage is that the REAL puppetmasters will get away scot free, since they are not in the lime-light and most people don’t understand that our ‘figure-heads’ are just that, not the real powers at the controls.   (though I think Oblammy-o-boy tipped his hat recently.). Time will tell, obviously, and until then, things are going to continue to get worse, harder, and scarcer.   Like this meme.


What it costs us to get through till then, may seem outrageously high, but in actual values, nothing will change except what we are using to ‘buy’ with.   Like looking at housing right now.  Da is talking about moving, and I have been doing the leg work of finding ‘new digs’.   Houses that a year ago were 150K, are now over a quarter mil.  Nothing has changed in the value of that place, its just what you are buying it with is worth LESS, and everyone knows it.   My truck still gets 19 miles to the gallon(hwy), so the value of a gallon of gas is the same, its just what I use to buy it is worth less, so I need more of them.   And this is all by ‘the PLAN”, the plan with too many moving parts, designed in a vacuum by idjits with no real world experience or understanding of people.   Human Nature is not going to change just because these idjits think they can manipulate currencies and resources.   Human nature is not going to change that quickly, nor at their ‘direction’.    Said “PLAN” can’t work because there are people like me out here still, and I may be an odd, but I am no where near a minority. 

SO, While it looks like SHIT is getting really-realz; LIFE goes on, and people carry on, and even when things look bleak, “THIS TO SHALL PASS”.  Whats on the other side of it is going to depend on how much we stick to OUR morals, and not those that the creators of ‘The PLAN’ want us to have.

prepare for the worst, work towards better, and NEVER EVER give up your guns.


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