Believe nothing, no matter where you read it, or who said it – no matter if I have said it! – except it agree with your own reason and your own common sense.” – Siddhartha Gautama, a.k.a. the Buddha

Thinkin’, prolly won’t be popular

But then, Popularity is not my forte. Never was popular in school, and never cared even then.

Sitting here thinking about some of my reads. And yeah, a lot of it is covering old territory around here, but sometimes a different spin on the same thing can give it a different perspective that can enlighten.

I’m feeling more than a little burnt out on the way of the world currently, and that little post along with updated napkin math got me to thinking; ‘whats worth saving?’. I mean, currently, medical care is so off the wall in pricing, that unless you are covered under serious insurances, you are going to go bankrupt if you have something major happen to you. It wasn’t all that great when i was young and married, and it has steadily grown worse over time, with the last 14 years seeing escalation of it. And then you see that Doctors are now considered middle class in income yet their education expenses tripled or more over the same decade plus. One of the incentives they used to pursue has been obliterated.

I shouldn’t have to explain it to my regular readers, but the above situation started long ago with Medicare that morphed into medicare/medicaid and became the diabolical marriage of BigPharma/Corporate Medicine/Government. When they found they could manipulate the costs and raise profits (capitalism, but with evil intent) and also found out that having only one source they needed to bribe to push through ‘chemical advancement’,,,, The encroachment of higher prices was faster than the subjective inflation. (example from personal experience: tobradex(sp?). It’s an eye ointment that also has a low level steroid in it. Here in the US, a 1/20 oz tube runs over $300. Same stuff in Mexico; $5 and is available without prescription. I needed it when I caught a piece of spat on my eyelid and said eye swelled up like a rotten plum. The stuff worked great but was more than double the price of gold by weight at the time.). Not much here that I feel is worth saving EXCEPT the people that actually do the medico stuff. Get rid of all the Regs that muck up the system and let the Docs and Nurses do what they love and are good at. Let Free Market enterprise determine success/failure again. Is the Doc is a butcher or a hack? Yeah, some are going to die, but his career won’t last long enough to make it a huge problem. And let Civil law be the arena to handle malpractice, without a corporate umbrella to shield the incompetent

Ah, but that brings forth another problem that I will touch on before I wrap this piece up,,,

And the Education,,, That one is taking hits left and right since Coronaphobia and it’s ongoing demise. People are paying far more for education these days, either outright in tuitions, or vicariously in taxes, but the end products have become liabilities across the board. When we spend more, per capita, for education than any other country in the world and yet we are ranked quite low on the lists of ‘developed countries’ (thirteenth of some such if’n I recall correctly,,,). Our STEM programs are taking the hits as well because the basics are having the bar lowered in “Equity” to make those not capable feel better about themselves. (positive feedback loop, NEVER a good thing.). Add in the scenario being played out with the ‘don’t say gay’ bill in Florida(that doesn’t even mention the word Gay) and you see what our education system has evolved into and it has nothing to do with the THREE R’S. (and most of my readers know that I am always ready to jump on the soapbox railing about how fucked our edjumikation (indoctrination) system has become. Of course seeing the infiltration of Marxist and Gramsci ideologies permeating our institutions, both higher and lower, it was just a matter of time before the basics would be dropped off altogether, wasn’t it? Nope, The current trends in Education need scrapped and we need to return to locally controlled, locally funded education, with PARENTAL controls. Another of those points that needs addressed before the big changes can take place IMO; IE parents that need to ACT like parents, not just funding for their genetic spawn for others to raise.

and I don’t even want to go(but will) into the 367versions of gender being pushed around like tokens of privilege. Still very much the “Male/Female/Hermaphrodite and THATS IT for gender” philosphy. Gay, Necro, pedo, Trans, whatever those things are, ARE NOT gender; those are sexual fetishes and ARE A CHOICE, or a mental illness that needs addressed. As I was saying to Sis just a day or so ago “What someone does behind closed doors AS LONG AS BOTH PARTIES ARE CONSENTING ADULTS, means nothing to me. You can even tell me, and I might even be sympathetic to you, but DO NOT TRY TO FORCE ME TO ACCEPT YOUR SHIT!!!!” and most definitely do not use ROL to make it so. Seems to me that most states have Sodomy laws on the books, and the only time I have heard of them being ‘enforced’ was in cases of underage victims/Rapes. Even ROL recognizes “Consent ” these days, in those cases where people wanna pack fudge,,, And I haven’t heard of any cases where some homosexual was jailed, or executed for their fetish HERE IN THE US, but I sure have heard of that happening in the ME. Y’all may wanna tone down a bit before you piss off enough “normies” that they decide the Muzzies have the right of it. (and I have to laugh at the silence of the Feminazi’s in the case of Lia whatshisname winning the womens swimming competition. Talk about wearing the pie in the face,,,,). That whole gender thing is NOT part of the saving I see needed.

but the napkin math. The numbers presented, and while I didn’t verify the math involved, are reminiscent of times gone by. People today can’t fathom making $.13/hour or such. They don’t see the ‘value’ that has been erased since those days when people would consider that ‘pretty decent’. They don’t understand that at that time, a flipping quarter would buy a GOOD meal at a restaurant, including the drink. A pint of beer off the tap at a bar may have cost a nickle then. Even in recent times in my world, I worked for a man that paid me a dollar an hour. Payable in Silver coins of face value. At that time, I was ‘making’ anywhere from $14/hour to $21/hour depending on the rate of the day. That rate had nothing to do with how much work I put forth either, I busted my chops for that buck an hour because it was better than anything else being offered around my area then. (oh, and how the Infernal Rectum Stuffers HATEZ coinage for wages. They can’t keep tabs on that sort of pay.). I don’t always agree with Aesop, but his point is one I have been trying to make for years, and while some people get it, most others only see the numbers, not the real values. Even at current flooding of currency in the markets, going back onto a gold standard, or some equivalent, would be shocking, but the end result would be STABILITY. The only other option is tacking on extra zeroes, and we all saw how that worked for Zimbabwe. The Federal Reserve is NOT one of those things we need to save.

And then you have the Media. Media has always been biased. At one time, there were as many newspapers in NY as there were political groups. Each had a bias towards reporting what they stood for. And you could read several to get a fair shake on what the truth was. NOW, well, bought and paid for is what our media is. That i have to read overseas media to filter through the crap on these shores is the very thing Orwell warned us about when writing about the MINITRU. And while I don’t believe Orwell would be shocked by the events of the day, he would be quite dismayed that his warnings were so blithely ignored.(or was it that some took it as an instruction manual instead????). What to do about the media??? Can’t buy them out unless you are at the level of those that currently own them: Only thing I can see is to create anew in other venues and hope to grow an audience (Blogging?, SocMed? gotta stick to your guns, right? Here I am.) Nopes, dont wanna toss the Enemedia any life preservers.

and that is really what is needed. Shadow worlds that operate alongside the current fucking mess so that when said mess finally collapses under its own weight of regulation and obfuscation, there is already a structure ready to take its place. (And I could put up several links here for suggestions but to be honest, there are just to danged many ti list without making this post a cluttered mess.) It sounds like a pipe-dream, but there is NO OTHER WAY, or as one said “replace the tyranny a thousand miles away, with a thousand tyrants one mile away.” And there will be the creatures that created the mess we are in now, trying to fill niches in the new system. That will be the biggest threat to its survival. We saw it with the Tea-parties, we saw internal squabbles tear apart the PatComs, and we squabble still about details. All I can say is; Break down your local area into what MORALLY will withstand the tides coming and BUILD from that moral foundation. If it be using the members of a church to build that foundational group, then DO THAT,,, Again, read “Dies the Fire” to get an idea of what building group will look like if we DON’T get that shadow world built.

But I think we can all agree, that what we have is NOT going to last much longer. And a part of me thinks if some of the speculation about a third term of Oblammy-o-boy, wiggling his way in through a loophole,,,, Well, if that happens, I think the kick off won’t be too far along the road. Or the Implosion as the rest of the world fully realizes that what was is no longer and those greenbacks they have been using are toilet-paper (and many aren’t all that far from it now,,,) There may not be a new reserve in BRICS, but I wouldnt be at all surprised to see a mass exodus from the USDollar into some other basket currency.


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