Believe nothing, no matter where you read it, or who said it – no matter if I have said it! – except it agree with your own reason and your own common sense.” – Siddhartha Gautama, a.k.a. the Buddha


Thats how I am feeling right now.   Adrift in space, no destination, just drifting along, going with the flows and hoping for,,,



I can’t even put my finger on WHAT, just something.   One of the things I have heard several times over the last 96 hours, in person, and in electronic words “I’m just waiting for someone to do something!”.   IE, someone to step of the porch, or some atrocity to kick off ‘the party’,,,, Something.

I see all of the attacks on a world society, and there is ‘some plan’ in place to make the world in the image of whatever group holds the reins this week, but there is ZERO cognizant reason behind everything other than ‘destroy that which we despise’.   

My.question becomes “How can you despise the very system that ALLOWS you to exist and grow?”  It’s almost like someone hating their very parents for raising them well.  I can understand some abuse victim hating their abusive parents (which amazingly is a rarity, they may not love them, but they tend to dismiss the abuse to ‘thats just how they are’ and insulate themselves from it, psychologically and spiritually.) but to hate that which frees you from such things as subsistence living, and allows you room to be the biggest piece of cockroach turd known to humanity and STILL be successful????    

One part of what I am seeing is a positive.   Its really only a symptom of things, but it shows that we may have good things forthcoming sooner than “you will own nothing and be happy”.

Georgia passes Constitutional Carry and Kemp promises to sign it.

Thats what, Twenty 25 now?  A full half of the States have used the Tenth to uphold what shouldn’t have ever been in question.    (and I don’t give a hot damn about carry laws, If I feel I need to carry, I do, open or not.   It is MUCH nicer to be able to leave it openly on my hip than tucked in a waistband,,,,).  As Heinlein said “An Armed Society is a POLITE society”. I notice that those states that have done the ConCarry move, seem to have lower crime rates over those that are still Soviet level of Blue.  

My hope currently rests on the turmoil we are witness to in the world economic scene as well as the SuperPower Government Empires Implosion (of which the economy things are a symptom.).  I could even see China getting fractured when the implosion hits maximum speed.   I would have no problems with the US breaking up into the individual states they already claim, with NO Cementing FEDGOV.   It may be chaotic at first, but there IS a precedent for that situation already in place, and that precedent is a fairly recent invention in human history.  Well, not really, but it faded for many centuries after Rome fell.   But Fluid borders and changing states is far more common over the span of history than the rock solid borders and superpower empires we have been witness to the 100+.

Feudalism?   Maybe, but there is something that will resist it.  WE KNOW DIFFERENT NOW.   We know why, and how to keep cities clean and healthy, not second guessing things or using ‘magic’ to cure our ills.   I think if the infrastructure of the net can survive the implosion, the recovery from it will be quite short.   

Sorry, I’m feeling scattered as I write this, and I am going to drop it in the inbox as is, and hope it makes some sense to y’all.   I’ll work on something later when I can focus.

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