Believe nothing, no matter where you read it, or who said it – no matter if I have said it! – except it agree with your own reason and your own common sense.” – Siddhartha Gautama, a.k.a. the Buddha

Yuppers, spoiled rotten: next question!

Big time internet outage in the area, several counties wide apparently, dunno how many are effected, but there was a moment this afternoon where Son of Bossman, asked “Are we really so spoiled that an internet outage makes us lose our shit?!?!?” My response, a resounding YES. Think about it, Most of us fifty-plus year olds are all familiar with doing research and making footnotes and citations and such and ALL OF IT DONE BY HAND IN A LIBRARY using the card catalog, micro-fiche machines, etc etc. These days, everyone has the equivalent of the Library of Alexandria at our fingertips, readily available in our backpocket/purse/wherever you keep that mobile tracking device that is so damned useful,,, We are SPOILED and getting more so every year. In 2002, I had a cell-phone, and they were starting to take off as being less expensive as a landline of the time, but my cell had a limited memory for phone numbers, no animated displays and two games, ticktacktoe or Snake. Now, my phone has nearly as much computing power as my laptop does, and DOES have more computing power of the laptop I used in 2002. Heck, it has almost as much memory as that lappy did. (and I for the life of me could not tell you WHO made that laptop, but it was essential to my touring days, no bones about that.) Between Smaartlive for setting sound systems up and Office for editing our Riders to send forthcoming venues, as well as being able to access emails and such, I was very much dependent on the Nets then to make doing business smoother.

NOW, we need the nets to do all the transactions of day to day and when there is a singular outage in a large area, things may not stop, but they sure as hell slow way down. These outages were only one carrier, and the cellular nets were still fine, though they seemed to slow up a little for a couple hours.

Yeah, We are a spoiled bunch compared the 30-40 years ago. Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE being able to research anything on the spur of the moment and get lost in rabbit hole after rabbit hole in the nets. It may never be anything I NEED to know, but the learning process is appeased nonetheless. (and there have been too many times where that useless trivial bullshit has come in handy,,,,)

But the world hasn’t stopped, even if a portion of Appalachia went dark for a spell.

Mike at Cold Fury has been on a keyboard rampage the last couple, I link the entire site and you really need to get over there, follow his links and grok his views of such.

And there are still Tough rows to hoe. I keep saying that the enemy is HERE, among us, on these shores, in the gates and at the helm. Doesn’t matter if there is a D or an R next to the name, they, as Sarah points out, are part of the problem. There are several groups that working the controls of the machines, not all are completely malicious, but they are all after one thing: An Irrational Regime (of their vision of how thing “should” be.)

Red pill, blue pill, both, or cold cock the pusher. (Thank You hooved one!!!)

I opt for “deny Consent”, and I guess that could be construed as “cold cocking the pusher”, if the pusher is pushing hard enough. Of course, some mornings, when I get some of my newsfeeds in; High velocity lead poisoning would be my preferred Cold-cocking of the bastages. I’m getting to the point where I don’t even want to say anything because I will start to drift OUT of Opsec, and start giving vibes that could be misconstrued as INTENT. And there may come a day when INTENT becomes “Actionable plan”,

But not this day, (or any soon. Fingers crossed)

Of course, there is the pinch of inflation hitting me right now, and that is NOT helping my attitude any. I’m hoping, that summer will bring on more work, but to be honest, we are well into our upslope of the season, and its not quite flat-lined, but damned close. I mentioned it to Voodoo this morning, that I can handle a week or two of Slow-week a month, but we are now into month FOUR of slow and things are starting to feel a little raw on the banking side of things.

Thank you Slo-Joe.


I’m not going to delve into the world poly-ticks or the shenanigans of Puppets at helms. There is plenty of coverage and opinion pieces afloat out there, usually written far better than I could contrive. Our spoiled lives may have gained several “Library of Alexandria” worth of information, but we are still learning to cope with the magnitude of it all. And we are building filters at the same time, like when a child first starts to hear and see, they have to learn how to filter out 90% of the information received: they learn to filter out the noise in the signal to find the valid information they need. We are there. Even with 10+ years of this stuff, the amount of information we get continues to grow, and the manipulation of it by nefarious types has grown just as fast. We used to joke that you had to wade through 10 pages of bullshit to find the half page of facts. Now, we have to wade through “Fact checkers”(that don’t) and pop-up screens warning us about misinformation and conspiracy theory nuts. (and those are usually signs that what is being displayed may be closer to the truth. MUCH closer to the truth.)

Darwins theory is still working, we just keep changing the environment we live in and have to adapt to our own stupidity as a species. I can only hope our resilience is better than our contraventions at self-immolation.

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