Believe nothing, no matter where you read it, or who said it – no matter if I have said it! – except it agree with your own reason and your own common sense.” – Siddhartha Gautama, a.k.a. the Buddha

complicatedly simple (and meandering post)

It drives me batshit insane somedays.   I don’t want a complex life, but the options being presented in the “Great Reset” bullmalarkycrapshitfestivus are NOT any options I would remotely consider.   I like FREEWILL, and what those asshats are proposing is NOT freewill, its Servitude, read SERFDOM with a microscopic faction of ARISTOCRACY at the top (and usually said supposed Aristocracy are the voices crowing loudest that this is inevitable,,,). 

I know through history, there has been a case of the HAVES/HAVENOTS, and, as Sarah points out that, despite the semantic torturing of language, CLASS has never been the issue, but the SUPPRESSION OF CHOICE.    And these, I fail to see them as people anymore, THINGS, that are pushing this mess on the FRIGGIN WORLD think that its all going hunky-dory and they will soon be at the top of the heap.

Big Problem. The narrative is fractured in millions of pieces and failing at every new addition. Heres a great example of what I mean. Arthur Sido does a breakdown of how things are ‘not right’ using a recent shooting event as the key source. Granted, using one event for a broad brush example is bad business, but it doesn’t take a whole lot of digging to find that this ‘one event’ is mirrored multiple times across years. (and the Perp in question shows such to be fact.)  Besides the whole Reverse “Racism” bent that can be applied without much wrangling, there is another aspect that I feel keeps getting swept under the rug. GUN RIGHTS. The PERP in the above article was a MULTIPLE FELON, and yet, somehow had a handgun, (sure didn’t pass any NICS check, for certain,,,) and yet, even when a list of the charges are listed, Illegal possession of a firearm is NOT on the list. NOW,,,, I am currently still listed as the VICTIM of a violent assault, NOT the Defendant or PERP, but a victim, and that case is still pending in courts,,,,, Guess what? I can’t buy a ANY gun, long or pistol, without my NICS check popping HOLD, not denied, or approved, but HOLD, and the two attempts I have made, it never changed, Usually there is a 24-48 hour MAX and then they change it to one or the other. NOPE, just HOLD, and never heard back again.

My point in the above, GUN LAWS ARE BEING ARBITRARILY APPLIED, and mostly against the LAW ABIDING, not the Criminals. I know for a fact that I can buy any number of handguns, long guns and other items of destruction in THE BLACK, and no checks, holds or questions asked, and the only deciding point being, am I willing to spend that much or risk being caught in a sting operation? Now, the chances of it being a sting operation around here, is, well, not NIL, but quite low. The chances of it being a Sting rise with the level of WHAT you are looking for. Simple 9mm subcompact, prolly good to go. A Nam issue Blooper with 20 Rounds,, ummm, May want to verify your source, before going much further.

But ya know what?, With a little shady questioning around, I can guarantee that ANYONE could find someone willing to sell any of those items “For a price” and probably not be a ticket to CLUB FED.

I know for a fact that I could get a full auto 12 gauge street sweeper, without going through a series of ATF checks and Tax stamps and 6 month wait list, when I lived in SandDog. I know one guy that managed to get 10 full auto AK-74’s back from Kuwait, and he made BANK on them out of the back of his Honda.

Just those points about firearms, an unbalanced judicial system, and World Wide Insanity about some NewWorldOrder/GreatReset/globalclimatechangewarmingcooling/OhMyGawdwe’sallgonnadie’s next pandemic,,,

Its days like this that I want it to burn down.


I don’t want it to burn down. Its enough to make a simple man BATSHIT NUTZ!!! I don’t want it to burn down, I just wish that people, PEOPLE IN GENERAL would wake up to the one simple truth. GOVERNMENT IS THE PROBLEM.

Modern Archeology has proven that Exchange/commerce took off before “Organized” government did. Many of the larger cities of old before the Kings started showing up were commerce centers. MUTUAL EXCHANGE is one of the foundations of HUMAN KIND, and to restrict that, as the so called ELEETS are doing or at least making in roads to do so, will cause the VIOLENT REVOLUTION that Sarah describes (and using the same point: restriction of trade). As badly as they are handling this point in time, that people haven’t risen up enmass and taken them to the curb/wall/guillotine,,,, I don’t know if it says something about our (d)evolution or that we are that fractured ourselves. I know most people around here are of the “Leave me be” or “don’tstartnuthin, won’tbenuthin” mindset, and as long as the stoopid of the FRAUD stays on that side of the Potomac, they could give a shit less. I just wonder how much longer that will be the case when the Stoopid of the FRAUD is driving the economy into the septic tank.

I need to keep working on that choice, don’t I? Apparently I keep thinking its a condition. I guess the training stuck,,,,,

Be back with more and hopefully something coherent and thought through FIRST. lol

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  1. And there is the matter of being ‘forced’ into self-production of weapons (NOTE: these are NOT limited to mere firearms) and if so forced, why limit oneself treaties, etc. one is NOT an active party to? FWIW, I have not made such, nor even made preparations for such, but I have given it some thought. And what I’ve come up with can almost all be bought locally, in cash, all nice and legal.


    March 24, 2022 at 6:59 am

    • Simple DDs are easy, reliable DDs are a little more involved but well within reason for any home shop, a moderate machine shop can turn out very reasonable facsimiles quuckly, as the Paki have shown for decades. Chemistry is a bit more problematic, but Uncle Fester gave the paths for high end production in a kitchen environment.
      The big hurdle is will, and realizing that ‘permission’ is from a higher state, not “other people”


      March 24, 2022 at 9:48 am

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