Believe nothing, no matter where you read it, or who said it – no matter if I have said it! – except it agree with your own reason and your own common sense.” – Siddhartha Gautama, a.k.a. the Buddha

Clearing the webs, Friday edition

Strap in, this one is gonna go all over the globe and might hit some woo-woo’s too.

First up, reading some stuff this morning before taking my lame winged self to the J.O.B. and abusing said wing, I started feeling a little belligerent by some of the dialogue.   Now to be straight up, I know little about the Orthodox Church, I have downloaded an English translation from the original latin and greek edition, and the one thing I found that I was particularly happy about was the Agnostic chapters were still in place.   Those were stricken by the Roman Catholic church centuries back. Additionally, I was happy to see that King James translations of some verses were NOT PRESENT.  Namely, the whole “shall not suffer a witch to live”: the original is “δηλητηριαστής” which means POISONER, not WITCH.   (and in those days a witch was a wise woman with skills in healing and other things. )

anyways, That the Orthodox Church is the State religion of Russia, with long history leading all the way back to one of the splits of Roman Catholicism is beyond question.  If the OC is more state-oriented or not is beside the point IMO.  I refuse to get into the whole dogma of Christ is the ONLY way to heaven etc etc ad nauseam.  I have my beliefs and they are not counter to the argument, but they are not completely parallel either.  (actually, they tend to wander back and forth between several different theologies, but all for the same end goal: A Better Soul.)

Ah, but who cares right, Reading that article, the ONLY thing I agreed completely with was this:

I side with the pipefitters, welders, roofers, mechanics and electricians of Ukraine.  I don’t side with world leaders.  Ever.  In anything.

and you can take the Ukraine part out and put in anywhere else and it will still work.

Yesterday I mentioned something about House of Saud refusing to answer XI-dens calls.   Same group was also entertaining with the Chinese.   Now that could mean nothing, but then it could mean everything.   We know that China has been doing much in the Asian arena to grow its business side of things, has quite a bit of clout with Russia (mutual from all I can see) and has been working on this Belt Road Initiative which would mirror the old Silk Road of Renaissance eras. (which coincidentally would go right through Ukraine,,,,   Just a point, not driving a conspiracy theory here.).  Now, House of Saud has been using the Dollar for exchange since the 1930’s.  At what point do they lose confidence in the Dollar and start negotiations of another currency to make exchange possible?

Bigger question: When they do decide to use another exchange, what happens to the Dollar?   The fact right now, that every Tom Dick and Harry country wanting to buy OPEC oil MUST use the dollar, gives the dollar huge amounts of leverage.   BUT, if for some reason, OPEC decides that the Yuan or Ruble is better, all of that leverage the Dollar has goes “Buh-By”.  (Note also: Soros made his wealth in currency devaluations.   And he has his dirty fingers in all of our politics EXCEPT that of Russia.   Again, just making a point, not pushing a conspiracy.)

And that leads me over to Sarahs post today.    I had to relax, just as she suggested, because yeah, an economic collapse is gonna suck big green greasy donkey donks, but it won’t be the end of the country, or the world.  Just look at Argentina.   It wasn’t all that long ago that they went through a massive economic collapse and yet they are back up and running, maybe even growing.   Venezuela’s recent collapse may be in our future, but I don’t see this country going all Cuba or Venezuela.  It may feel like that some days, but then I look around at all of the Appalachia area and see people that are not going to accept that.   I look at Texas and see the same, even with the Blue invasion taking place in Austin and DFW.  (Kalifruitopia, well, Not so sure about that.  I recall the south counties and northern counties wanting to split and form 2-3 separate states, pretty much leaving anything LA out of the mix, but it never really gets very far.)

No, we may going down, but we sure as shit aren’t going to stay there.   And when the people that actually make things work get back on line, the BRI and those other places are in for some serious competition.   I may not live long enough to see it come to fruition, but it WILL HAPPEN.   Will it be as the lower 48 remaining homogenous?   I want to include Alaska in this since its on the same continent, Hawaii may go its own route, but hard to say.  (wouldn’t that be a hoot to see Hawaii finally join Japan?   Not sayin it would happen, but I can see it as a possible.).  The future is wide open at this point: anything is possible, nothing is off the table yet.  

The only real downside to a Dollar collapse (besides the obvious aspects) is that there is so much of the world embedded in the Dollar as investment, that the collapse is going to happen world wide, and that could open up a Pandora’s box, one that may lead to even more WAR. Sadly, “wait n see” is the order of the day here.

and that is part of the Stress: people, self-included, like STRUCTURE, and right now, our structures seem made of tissue paper and balsa wood, like one of my older airplane models.   It looks solid, can take a hit or two, but if you push too hard, the whole thing comes apart.   And right now, THE FRAUD is pushing HARD.

But Good News, despite the FRAUD getting some 2A infringements slipped in as addendums on the recent spending bill.   Kevin points out that there are now 23 CONSTITUTIONAL CARRY STATES.  So despite the narrative that is always pushed (blood in the streets, old west shootouts, etc etc. Which NEVER come to be,,,) the States still know what sides the bread gets buttered on.   Ohio was and had been an open carry state, and when I lived there after my split up with Amy, I lived in a darker part of town.   After the shooting of a young gang-banger, just a block from my apartment, I started carrying my .45 openly on my hip when out doing stuff.   A couple of weeks of that and my neighbor, an older black woman, came out and thanked me.   I asked her ‘for what?” .   “since you started carrying that hogleg on your hip, the hoods went back across the highway.”   Her words verbatim.  “An Armed society is a POLITE society.” RAH.  

Ok, I cleared some of the junk from my forebrain and didn’t really get into the woo-woo stuff.   Thanx for listenin’

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