Believe nothing, no matter where you read it, or who said it – no matter if I have said it! – except it agree with your own reason and your own common sense.” – Siddhartha Gautama, a.k.a. the Buddha

Laid down

Literally.   I came home and laid down.  That was at 2pm,,,    Its past 6 now.   

I know I hadn’t been sleeping good the last couple, but damn,,,,

Really, not much to say.  Still watching the horizons or the end of the tunnel or whatever cliche you would like to use.   If you are using the Tunnel click, then we see a light at the end of it, but we don’t know if its the train or an actual opening.  I you are, like me watching the horizon, is it a new dawn or canned sunshine?   Dunno.  No one knows, (except maybe the boys with the toys.)

Caught some dust in my left eye early this week.   Serious case of pink eye going on.   At least this go’round its not my dominant eye, but this shit is irritating as all get out.   Antihistamines help, but they don’t stop the itchyburningwannagougemyeyeout feeling.   And as I found out the last time, gotta watch my dosage or I won’t be getting any sleep due to the legs wanting to run marathons overnight.   to boot, I am whooped, seeing’s how I laid down today.

Laid down on the blog, laid down on getting stuff done around house, laid down on feeding kittehs (they aren’t starving by any means, but you can’t convince them otherwise.). I guess you could say I even laid down on watching the horizons.    

That last is by design this week.  I needed the break obviously.    

I’m getting old.   Or as a Friend named Bones would say: “Aint gettin’, GOT!”.    Still struggling with a busted up forearm, that is causing my shoulder to ache from favoring certain movements.   Shoulder has been shitte for years since I dislocated it FIVE TIMES while in Sams Misguided Chilluns.   Should have done the Pogue thing and had surgery done before I got outs, but Stoopid Marine ME; just man up and keep marching.   

Ya know, If I had figured I would last this long, I would have made a better effort to keep the chassis up to snuff.  LOL.   Never thought I would see this side of 40 to be honest, but here we are, 53 going on 90 it seems.   Figured I would be shot dead over some stoopid shit long ago.  (and people have tried, but so far, no high speed hole puncher has managed to do more than cut a gouge on its way through.   No bones, no organs, just some skin and a little muscle and wicked fading scar. But yes, I DO know what a bullet sounds like as it passes by the target.   And I do know the feeling of barrel flash near your face. )

Did a little listen to a  couple utoob links today.  Retired Colonel MacGregor (link one). (link two).   Go give a listen.  Understand that as a Colonel, he was starting to get into the politicized side of things, but hadn’t been groomed for higher rank (and listening to him, was a dead end in his career due to his convictions.).  I never paid much attention to anyone over the Rank of Colonel, and fact, rarely ever saw any.   They were ‘above’ us dirt bag Field Marines. (and there were two Corps when I was in,  Fleet, or Field.   One was the shiny side, the other the mud covered types.   I was the latter.   The mud covered types are the ones that get passed over A LOT but as far as I am concerned are the ones that actually get the shit done.  And we had more than a few O-x types that were Field Marines too. ). Listening to him, I felt like I was back on Ship headed to Kuwait and hearing the dialogue of our Senior NCO’s and the Officer Cadre.    I need to go back and listen again, since there are sectons where I wasn’t able to focus (it was at work, and well, welding, cutting metal, LOUD,,,).  

All I have to say about it.  Go read Matt Brackens third book in his EFAD series.   The Perfumed Princes we have in charge of our Diversity, uh, I mean Military.    As The Colonel says, we haven’t fought a winning war since 1945, and it shows.   Kuwait was a fluke, but even I, having been there, couldn’t really say that was a WAR.  BUT, if we were to fight all our wars with the same “go gettum” attitude, they would be far fewer me thinks. (and just where the hell IS Stormin’ Norman?   Ain’t seen hide nor hair of him since they pulled him, just before we shut down that Race Across Kuwait.)

Anywhoos, I laid down, and am about to lay down some more.  Maybe my arm and shoulder and eyeball will feel better in the morning if I actually get a full nights sleep. (and I aim to assist that effort with some liquid depressant.)

3 responses

  1. polimath

    Storming Norman passed away many years ago. I think I would have liked him. I think after he finished his book (which I loved) he kind of just lost interest in things and faded away. I think he understood arabs better than most. He had a unique insight having grown up there for part of it.
    Get some witch hazel solution or similar eye juice and keep flushing the greeblies out. Don’t let it get away on you, eye infections can get worse fast.


    March 16, 2022 at 9:06 pm

    • I could see that: mastermind of the whole DS plan, and as its in wrap up, get pulled and your ‘victory’ is handed off to Powell. Yeah, that would muss up most peeps. Powell was just Muh Diversity IMO and no one in while I was still in had much respect for him. Schwarzkopf on the other hand,,,,


      March 16, 2022 at 8:23 pm

      • bigcountryexpat

        The Bear rocked out loud… when he visited us (3BDE 187th Rakkasans) at the ‘front lines’ before we did the single largest Air Assault in history… Maaaaan you just -knew- he genuinely gave a shit about us, the grunts… think it had a lot to do w/him being a ‘in the blood and mud’ occifer during Nam as opposed to a perfumed prince pentagram poodle like Powell.

        Liked by 1 person

        March 18, 2022 at 8:30 pm

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