Believe nothing, no matter where you read it, or who said it – no matter if I have said it! – except it agree with your own reason and your own common sense.” – Siddhartha Gautama, a.k.a. the Buddha

Kats kayaks and insanity

last trip of 2021.

trying to stay out of the shadows of the world right now; you know what I mean, the light of regular living, not the shades of grey that make up the NARRATIVE.    Its hard actually, especially since my mind is geared to see through all the bullshit.  Just like mixing live sound, you aren’t listening to the music, you are listening for what shouldn’t be there: In my example, I can’t help but spot the “NuTz” that is ubiquitous to our present world.   

Advertising for example: Maybe you hadn’t noticed, its rather subliminal in nature, but there is definately some stink going on there.   Like everyone is in nice suits of some sort, perfect teeth, and smiling, and not ONE is a white male.  If you see a White male, he will either be in a uniform of some service sector, rather droll looking (Unless he is a Celeb and that changes the game some) but NEVER is he the Target audience.      Black, Hindi, Aisian, and female predominate.   If there is a male, more often he is Older, Black or Asian, rarely Hispanic, and if he IS white, he will be portrayed as SUB; submissive, or sub-human in intellect.   Or flat Retarded in his actions.   Or Queer as a left handed cigarette.

Then you have word out (I did check my email.   shoulda just let it pile up) that the narrative is crumbling left and right, even the CDC is publishing articles on how Adverse reactions to the VaxxnottaVaxx has become a problem.   The Story about the BioLabs in Ukraine has floundered to the point of “OH, that? yeah, whatevs,,,”  And I didn’t make much of it when it broke, only mentioning that Vlad was taking it to the UN Security Council and if there were any crap of substance,,,,   Communist News Network has a new VP or sumpin that is demanding the network regain its former level of integrity (good luck with that, honestly, but you have a tough row to hoe after the decades of screwing up the feeds for the DOTGOV.). And of course, all the hoopla of ‘Kraine, Coronaphobia Redux supposedly coming out of China, and the one that seems the least hit, ECONOMICS,,,    Yeah,,,,

*sigh*.   The level of NUTZ just keeps spiraling that porcelain bowl, doesn’t it, never seems to get to the Flush point, just spirals and spins,,,

Spring has sprung here on this end, after Ol’man winter came in and dumped 10″ of snow on us for the weekend.  Most of it has become meltwater in the creeks and rivers now, so water temps are COLD,,,   BUT, that won’t stop me from taking a kayak out this weekend.   (or sooner since I have caught up at work, may take a day and hit the lake or sumpin).   Found a DrySuit that I am seriously considering since RiverKings has given it a fan-tab-u-lous review.(long video but worth it if you are in the market and wondering how to afford GOOD protection from the elements of COLD and WET)   If’n I decide to do this, I need to move soon since there is a real possibility of things getting sideways in the world with money and exchange rates: Read that as ‘The dollar is about to get recognized for its intrinsic value,,,”.   

Now, which Kayak do I load up,  Ghost? Selkie? Jefe? or a combination of?   

Lots of Kittehs in my world today.  Spring has sprung so all the Feline Femmes are feeling it, so all the Testosterone filled males are running around singing kitteh love songs.  Even my boys at home are sporting some new gashes from showing too much interest in MamaKat.   (she is a freemartin, Not worried about new babbie kitties, but that doesn’t stop the cycles nor the curious male noses.).  At work, all the Ferals are out in force, even some I hadn’t seen in months of cold weather.   The all live in the wild, but Bossman feeds them so they continue to hang close.  Now that the Femmes are starting to pheromone out, all, and I do mean ALL of them are not so cautious about Peeps like me.   Happy to see that a couple that I have kind of befriended have made it through the rough of winter.   Pale and Red are good to go, and I saw Ghostkitty for the first time in a year.   He’s still around even though his ears look a lot worse for wear.   Toms have short lives in the wild and he is only 3 but moves like he’s closer to 10.   At least I live far enough up the hill that my boys aren’t in the thick of the TomKat wars.   But they do roam.   They wandered in about the time I came home, looking tired and hot, but not beat up.   I worry more about Grizz than Zooms, because Grizz had such a rough start, he is the smaller of the two, (and sweeter disposition.). Zooms is a robust Tom and growing into his male-hood, Grizz, still very kitten-ish in appearance and attitude. 

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  1. Zekerinontario

    Dio I get it there is to much BS time to step back and enjoy living again

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    March 15, 2022 at 6:06 pm

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