Believe nothing, no matter where you read it, or who said it – no matter if I have said it! – except it agree with your own reason and your own common sense.” – Siddhartha Gautama, a.k.a. the Buddha

Just a touch tired

The stupid it cf

Not just worn out from the J.O.B. today, but on (splays hands widely) All of that!!!!

Posted about (P)Saki speaker for the (p)resident repeating the “Russia rigged the system to elect Trump”, and I think THAT was the straw that broke my back this week.(DAY ONE!! WTF?).  BCE Talks about how every single charlatan in DC is BUGNUTZ INSANE, and I ponder the situation.  ARE THEY?  Or are we, for not taking the sick pups out behind the woodshed and doing what should be done with rabid animals.

And another point to ponder: These Fuckwit Numbskulls have transformed “Civil Servant” into a term lower in respect than that of “Used Car Salesman”.  Ask yourself, if someone called you a Used Car Salesman or a Politician, which term would have you more ready to break a jaw?   Granted both are going to have you grinding your teeth in anger, but one is going to get a bigger rise out of you than the other.   Be honest.   

another point: Have we had any election since 1980 (or further back, that date was when I started paying attention, even though I could do nothing then.)that wasn’t a dreaded event???

Or has it always been “lesser of two evils” votes, or as another put it so succinctly “Voting AGAINST”.   Even in 2016 I didn’t vote “FOR” Trump, I voted against Killary.   On my blog at the time, I had a ‘sticker’ saying “anyone but Hillary” so my intent was well known by all my readers.   I never liked Trump BEFORE he was Prez: I thought him far too arrogant, BUT, seeing the troubles he had fighting within the system after taking office, and that he still managed to do some seriously good stuff, not just for this country but for the world as well, I am willing to ‘avert my eyes’ to his assholery.   And Yah, I miss his mean tweets. Never before was it so easy to spot a lefty: Just wait for Trump to tweet and then watch for pulsing temple veins. Hilarious.   

And with all of the asshat actions of late, all to brush under the carpet the failures that they CAN’T outright blame one ORANGEMANBAD,,,

As Sarah says, What comes next is gonna be a doozie.

That is making me quite tired, not because there is so much of it, but that there are so many that are still sucking up the bullshit milkshake….     I never before gave much creedence to the Lowering IQ issues (because I think the IQ system is highly over-rated and manipulated) but damn people, seeing the obvious and ignoring it is STOOPID.   If your eyes are seeing “X” and the Enemedia tells you its really “C”,,,,     ITs NOT HARD but there are so many that make it look Einsteinian in effort.

I still access Fakebuk for the market place, but I no longer have it on my phone, nor get messages from it.   I don’t do Twatter, and haven’t in so long that I can no longer even tell you what Email I used to sign up for it.  I have a couple of altnews sites in App on my phone, but turned off Notifications to them because I just can not handle the level of INSANE that is so prevalent in the world today. (scratch that, I CAN handle it, but something is going to take a hit with the effort, namely, SANITY.)  

I’m thinking, that if I post anymore this week, they will be Kitteh posts (I haven’t touted on Grizzy enough lately, He’s such a buzzy bud) KAYAKY posts, or at most, PREPPER posts.     I need the break from the DUMB COMMUNISTS for a bit.

So, to kick of my “vaca from asshattery’,


back up tomorrow, swear to it.

One response

  1. Zekerinontario

    Love the meme i feel that way a lot


    March 15, 2022 at 6:08 pm

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