Believe nothing, no matter where you read it, or who said it – no matter if I have said it! – except it agree with your own reason and your own common sense.” – Siddhartha Gautama, a.k.a. the Buddha

rigged games

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I think its safe to say that a majority of Americans (both sorts, Cans and Can’ts) are well aware that 2020 was hijacked.  I know that there are characters overseas that have stated such publicly, so there really isn’t any secret about it.  (hell, the DNC told us what they were going to do, how they were going to do it, and (there were some that rallied against, but for the most part) we SAT ON OUR THUMBS.   

And now we are feeling some of the long term effects of that Soft Coup.   I feel strongly that what we are feeling is merely the 10% of the Berg showing above the surface.  There’s more to come yet.   

But, I look at that picture above and wonder just how rigged the game truly is.    Kings and queens dining in peace while all the army lay in ruins and blood.    At which point do the Armies realize that they are being used like a game of three card monty, and say “Aw Hell No!!!”?   

Some of you are new enough to not know some of the details of my enlistment in Uncle Sams Misguided Children.  More specifically, why I ‘got out’.   Oh, I had no problems being used as a tool to liberate Kuwait, that was part of the package I agreed to.  There was no Moral Dilemma there.   Where I ran into problems was when they wanted my unit to back up the LAPD during the Rodney King riots.   That was the crux of the matter and while they stacked a multitude of charges on me the only one that stuck was “Failure to make movement”: a sub-article of UCMJ article 68(or is it 69?  Thirty years, I’m a little foggy on it now)  Army dawgs know it as AWOL. Gyrenes know it as UA (unauthorized absence)      88 days in the Brig awaiting trial, Time served and one reduction in Paygrade with a swift boot to the ass to get the fuck off the base, permanent like.   (and I spent the next 12 months on appellate leave (still have the ID) awaiting,,  something, I was just glad to be out at that point.   And ALL of my back pay came in during that time, including for the two promotions I had picked up, but never received.  Took a pay reduction and gained a rank, go figure.)

I never said I was GOOD Marine.   LOL.   (and I was still very much of a lefty mindset at that point, but I was coming around FAST.   Really did so when I hooked up with my Aussie GF, and got a lesson in what ‘socialism’ does to countries.   Started opening my eyes then.)

Looking on things now, with that little bit of history out of the way, I see what WAS going on in OZ prior to Putin putting an end to the Pandemic. but I haven’t heard anything lately.   (and no, I haven’t gone looking that much either, distracted so to speak.).  With Pfizer releasing all of that dirt, I would HOPE that OZ rises up and starts lynching some PMs.   I mean, Seriously, OZ was the only country to jump the shark and start Concentration Camps “Health detainment centers”.   Now, that “revolution” may be ongoing as I tap this little blurb out, but the EneMedia sure wouldn’t want to cover that and start giving the serfs in other locations any crazy ideas, now would they?   Hell naw, Gotta be “We are war with Eurasia, We have ALWAYS been at war with Eurasia.” from MiniTru.

And where are the REAL string pullers.  You know damned well there aren’t enough exercised brain-cells in the SWAMP to be able and come up with the shit we are seeing and make it plausible enough for the masses.   Somewhere, (probably near Davos Switzerland) the real string pullers are sitting across from their opposing pieces sharing wine and talking about how great the future will be after they remove 70% of the worlds population.  They were hoping so hard that they could pull that off with the Covidiocy, and now they feel certain they can do it by instigating some artificial UV release in Canned sunshine form, or starting a Conventional/Nuclear Hybrid war that covers the Globe. (and if you think the peeps that come up with “gain of function” Buggies are sick, you need to look at the various designs of Nukes. Like the Neutron Bomb types. Not enough ‘bang’ to destroy cities, but MORE than enough RADS to wipe out ALL the organisms that occupy said city, and in such a way that you can move in a couple of months later without growing a second head or losing all your hair. )  

Not that they are RIGHT, they aren’t, but they still, OBVIOUSLY, have a LOT of pull on the strings of the world, and us lower types, as well as those puppets at the ‘heads’, are still very much being ‘USED’ as pawns in their game.   

They even told us what their goal is.

Kinda like they told us HOW they were going to steal the 2020 elections.

population reduction to 500M people.   Thats more than 9/10ths of the world pop that needs removed.    AND, it has been shown that level is NON-SUSTAINABLE, but then, the string pullers probably have a ‘plan ‘ in place for that too,, (read Test-tubes Baby!!!).  

I dunno,  I’m rambling, feeling a little loose in the world right now.   Guess I fouled my rudder again.  But at least I have wind in my sails this time around.  Spring is springing out left and right and even with all the glum and goober news cycle, I am feeling PEACHY about things right now.  (and that probably means that Xi-den is gonna get happy with the nuclear Football,,,)

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