Believe nothing, no matter where you read it, or who said it – no matter if I have said it! – except it agree with your own reason and your own common sense.” – Siddhartha Gautama, a.k.a. the Buddha

Some suggested reading and ideas.

(start living in the second if you don’t already)

Yeah, The more I think about some of the stuff in this mornings post, the more I felt that others may need some ideas into what/where things may be headed. And I know most people don’t want to take the time to read “how to manuals” (BOORRRIIINNNGGG!!!!) and there are quite a few that just don’t read, but since you are HERE, I must make the assumption (makes an ass out of U and ME, but I’m willing to play the hand I have.) that if you are reading this, some pleasure reading isn’t all that much of a reach. 

FIrst Book.   The premise is WAY out there for current situation, but the details of what happens when the trains stop, the trucks stop and the juice gets turned off are T-Totally perfect.   The only thing he was able to get around was the gunfire and when you read that, you’ll understand ‘why’.   It’s not that much of a stretch to imagine his scenario with working firepower, but the basics FOOD FIRE SHELTER remain the same, and he does a bang up job of how people will fill their niches.

Second Book.  Even if you saw the movie, READ THE BOOK.  Katniss’s mental monologues are worth the price of admission and may help YOU when things get rough.  One thing that catches me every time I read it is when she starts having issues from dehydration.  I dunno if Ms Collins ever had an actual experience with this, but I have and the description is dead nutz.   You lose your mind long before you lose your life from dehydration.   Things to pay attention to: the description of the Seam.  Dunno what part of the country she chose as her reference, but there are sections out here in Appalachia that are still so close to that level of subsistence that I didn’t have to “imagine” her scenes.  I have seen them.  There are still places not all that far from here that are still pre-WWII level of living.  Minimal if any electric, Outhouses, ‘running’ water provided by hand-pump and hauling it to house,,.   I’m not kidding (and people will still say I am ‘making stuff up’.   Your call, I know what I have seen.)

Last book (on this list, by no means all,,,) If you have ever thought about what you would do if you found yourself all alone in the middle of nowhere with the clothes on your back and little else,,,,,     Tom has many books on survival and this one is written story fashion so is ‘more entertaining’.   Even so, I HIGHLY recommend his Wilderness Survival Series books (link is to the first in the series).   I have them, have lugged them around with me since I was 19, and have had to replace a copy or two along the way (either read the spine out, or someone else decided they liked it more than I). Don’t just READ these books either, get out in the back yard and practice these things.    Maybe you can’t do the actual hunting thing, but you can practice the scattervision that will pay dividends for hunting.  And you can practice the stalk on your dog or cat.  (sneak up on a cat and you KNOW you are doing something right.)

As for what the world is up to right now, I think Sarahs post today, talking about Loss of Confidence in our ‘currency’, and Francis’ post , summed up my thinking on the world at large.   Notice I haven’t mentione the Kraine or Putin, or Xi-den poopy-pants,,,,    This is going to hit a lot closer to home for everyone and those characters and places are going to be the last thing on most peoples minds.   Read through comments on how people are likely to be driven out of the country-side into the city areas.   Now, is that going to happen?   Hell, NO.   Especially not in these parts.   Things get tight, people dig deeper roots.   They know where the food comes from.  They know the value of a days labor.   They KNOW the Corruptocracy because they live with such in local government. (and you wonder why McConnell keeps getting elected,,,,  Lets just say voter fraud is NOT new in KY.)  And like the song says ‘A country boy WILL survive’ and these people know it with their souls.   I may grump and grumble about wanting to move, but truth told, I wouldn’t want to be anywhere else if things go Teats up in the world economy or our government goes full retard and starts putting people on boxcars.  

Lovely thoughts for a Tuesday eve, no?   

Anywhoos, if ya ain’t read those books, go get copies and make sure you read them.  They are good ‘escape’ novels and highly educational, even if only on mental preparedness, which is going to be the biggest hump for most peeps.(note, my site is NOT monetized, I make nothing off links to the ‘ZON or any other link. They are links because they have good information and I agree with (at least in part) what the author says. )

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  1. jrg

    Thanks for book tips. I have two of the three (1st two) and have some T. Brown Books from way back. Not sure if Tracker is one of them.

    Hatchet (Gary Paulson) has some good tips on effects of hunger and lack of food. And the way wildlife actually thinks. Actually, the entire Brian book series is rather good reading.

    Thanks again for the book ideas.


    March 9, 2022 at 12:45 pm

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