Believe nothing, no matter where you read it, or who said it – no matter if I have said it! – except it agree with your own reason and your own common sense.” – Siddhartha Gautama, a.k.a. the Buddha

keeping this one simple, NO LINKS

Just me talking out loud and may meander a bit: just follow along.

I really thought that with the COviDiocy Narrative falling apart was a sign that, COLLECTIVELY, the Human Species was on its way back to sanity. Guess it just goes to show, that Goebbels was right.   Feed the lie, no matter how big and the people will begin repeating it for you.   I watch on other sites, in comments, and see Obviously intelligent people regurgitating the Media spin as if it were gospel sent down from on high.   

One Key point.  Of all, ALL the talking and talking before Putin sent in his troops, Putins message was the ONLY ONE that never veered course. There were times where he BEGGED “Listen to my words” but the message was always ignored by those with the means.  Even now as tactical considerations force changes in actions, his message is still the same.  Buffer zone against NATO, allowing Soveriegn Russian peoples a say, and De-militarize the Buffers.   

Is Putin a THUG? Yes, but all Poly-Tickian’s are THUGs.  I have argued that case multiple times.  And yet most of those that argue against me aren’t seeing that they are supporting THUGS by endorsing “THE BIG LIE” and we need to squash Russia/oust Putin/get vaxxed/ vote Dem/ respect pronouns,,,.   Personally, I wouldn’t mind seeing the Weekend “Heads on Pikes” bowl as alluded to by a commenter. One big issue with it though: At what point do WE become the THUG.   And by creating such an event, someone MUST become the THUG to make the determination that someone else is a traitor/tyrant/AINO.(American in Name Only)

Pandoras box indeed. Do YOU really want to go down that path? I don’t.

I’m tired.   I am watching the world rip itself apart because of serious communication issues: the same issues Conservatives have with Lefties.   There is ZERO DIALOGUE OR DEBATE.   When someone says, THIS IS MY LINE, and you keep pushing the issue, writing Sanctions, giving aid, or igniting revolutions, you are POKING THE BEAR, and eventually that BEAR is going to eat your face off.

Maybe this leads up to what Dopey-Joe was trying to sell us about Build Back Better: IE, He intends to Burn the whole world down so that we HAVE TO BUILD BACK.    I dunno, but seeing truly intelligent people spewing artificial talking points without doing ANY due diligence of questioning the LYING MEDIA that has been LYING for TWO FRICKIN’YEARS (and the evidence mounts but of course, the WAR has sidelined ANY discussion about that, now hasn’t it?). Seriously, you have been lied to for two straight years; about coronphobia, fraudulent elections, dangerous gene therapies, etc. You were starting realize it, maybe even say something about it, and then “WAR” and suddenly you trust the Media again?   

Gullible much?

All I want is to make my way in the world with as little interference of Government as possible.   Paying taxes galls me, but I do it so the THUGS will leave me alone.  But the Hidden taxes we are seeing come to light (called inflation) are eating away at my ability to make my own way.  I know that I am not alone in this.   Fuel costs are just the tip of the iceberg, the hidden 90% below the water line will start to be felt across the board in the next few weeks.   And you have Pee-Lousy saying we need to stop buying oil from Russia.  (and we started buying oil from Russia to offset shutting down the Keystone Pipeline and other Oil production) She thinks this will quell any Empire building they have in mind , (debatable aspect of whats going on, seeing how Putin has never veered from his message AND continually shows he is a TRUE Nationalist with his Country FIRST, Unlike OUR “representatives” who are continually showing they are willing to sell out to whomever will kick back that 10%,,,,  Even to the point of risking Nuclear Annihilation, and they are skirting that particular , But I digress)   She either doesn’t understand that cutting off Russian Oil to the US after shutting down our OWN oil production is going to do one thing only and HURT RUSSIA ISN’T IT. OR, she knows it, and WANTS to destroy what’s left of our economy.   If you really want to hurt Russia, OPEN THE PIPELINES.  DRILL BABY DRILL.   Get the flow of oil going so hard and fast that the price drops into the negative zone (remember when people were paying others to take the oil off their hands in 2016-17?   Thats because the flow was so fast they couldn’t off load it and it was costing them money to ‘store it’ at the shipping points.).  BUT NOESSSSS,   Can’t stop the Green Plan.  Can’t stop the Great Reset. They want SLAVES who own nothing are are ‘happy’ (wonder when the mandatory xanax prescriptions will roll out? Maybe right after they eliminate cash,,,,) 

These Geriatric Pustules don’t give a hot damn about the Country, its Future or YOU for that matter.   They are all stinking rich via Graft from shady political deals, not actual business savvy, and THEY HAVE THEIRS AND US UNWASHED DEPLORABLE SERFS need to shut up and do as we are told. It isn’t about MONEY, its about POWER and they mean to have and hold it even at the cost of destroying the very thing that produces that power. (I have no problem with the Rich: I aim to get to “well off” myself. I DO have a problem with CON-Artists, and our Government is flat full of them.)


Know what I really want?   I just want for one day, just one day, the veil of deception be lifted from everyones eyes.  EVERYONES.   If I could ask God for one miracle, it would be for that to happen for just twenty four hours.      

*sigh*.   God said he would no longer interfere, though some say he ended the world in water the first time, the second time it will be in fire.   

If THE FRAUD keeps up, that is all I can see in our future.


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  1. g

    “Know what I really want? I just want for one day, just one day, the veil of deception be lifted from everyones eyes. EVERYONES. If I could ask God for one miracle, it would be for that to happen for just twenty four hours. ”

    I think that if God answers you, he’ll say something like “how about we do something easier, like I’ll tell you what women actually want”

    I agree totally though, for years I’ve wondered among the normies and have marvelled how they watch their CNN and listen to NPR and regurgitate whatever they hear while solemnly nodding their heads. These are people with the most advanced formal educations there are, but take them out of their lib-bubble and drop them in the woods somewhere and they’d be babes in the woods.

    I enjoy reading about your experiences and vicariously living outside of the hive. Each year, retirement looms much closer and the prospect of downsizing and retiring early, and escaping all these people and their idiocy becomes more and more attractive.


    March 4, 2022 at 9:51 am

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