Believe nothing, no matter where you read it, or who said it – no matter if I have said it! – except it agree with your own reason and your own common sense.” – Siddhartha Gautama, a.k.a. the Buddha

ya might be addicted,,,

Slow day.  bored kittehs cuz it’s far too cold for bare paws to go outside for very long.  No need to make booties for them, they wouldn’t wear ’em anyways and I like my skin intact: ever tried to force a kat into doing something for its own good that it thought otherwise of?    


Ya might be addicted,,,

Yah, I might be.  

Yesterday eve, chatting with B about life the universe and kayaking, I brought all my cold water gear inside from the truck and was going through things.  Mostly to make sure I have it all together, but also to make sure gaskets and seams were still functional.   Decided to do a little testing of a sort: I doffed my street duds and climbed into all that gear.  Quick-dry long-sleeve undershirt, long sleeve fleece top, fleece vest.  5 mm wetsuit bottoms and dive boots.  Then the dry top.  Gaskets feeling a little sticky so I 303’ed them and donned that ‘straight jacket’.   Slide into the sprayskirt and sealed the double tunnel of the top to it.  (part under the skirt, part over it) then the PFD just because I am doing ‘a test’.   I am actually getting sweaty at this point.   Then, out onto the porch with a good book.  

It was 22 degrees out there and I always have a pretty decent breeze blowing off the hills. Wind chill is closer to 8 degrees.  Full (semi) dry gear and a breeze and I was out there for over an hour doing jack shit and the only thing that the cold managed to get, was my NOSE.   I never felt the cold air except on bare skin.   When I paddle in the cold, I add a neoprene dive hood but I didn’t need that to stay warm.  I think if I had worn it, I would have been sweating buckets under all that gear.   As for the handwear, I used to use gloves or mittens, but since I bought my pogies, I don’t bother.  My hands stay plenty warm even wet with the pogies.  Not the top of the line type, but they are neoprene with the ‘reactor’ fleece liner.   If its above 40 degrees, your hands WILL sweat in them.  (they were not a part of this test since I do know what they can do, and they stay fixed to the paddle in any case.   Hard to read a book with your hands incased in pogies.)

Now, I know that this isn’t the best test of my gear, and that I need to get things wet to really KNOW what it can handle, but I have done that in the past, just not down to the temperatures we had today.   I still won’t paddle in this crap without a wingman; Too easy for things to go sideways.  But I feel that what I have will work well enough, especially if I stay IN the boat and not pop that skirt.   I know the drytop will keep me completely dry so long as that skirt stays on the cockpit.

No, I am not suffering from kayak withdrawal or anything ;-P.   

My biggest worry with this test was Grizz.   I had to keep his attention off of me to keep those sharp meathooks away from a $300 drytop.   One little hole and the term is bunk.   It may not leak much, but the idea is for it to not leak AT ALL.  It’s why it has heavy rubber gaskets at the neck and wrists.   I know it doesn’t leak at those points from rolling Ghost while wearing it.   The only part that is gonna leak is around the waist IF immersed, and why I want to stay in the boat when the water starts trying to make like a solid.

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Won’t get that rough here, but that water is just as cold as it can get without going full solid.Img 0830

No kayaking THERE eh?

BUT, that test made me want to go out even more but reinforced that I REALLY REALLY WANT SPRING TO HURRY ITS ASS UP!!!.

Jpeg 20200328112419 37343967062799952294477799895173002962

I hate feeling like I am getting ready for a shuttle launch just to go paddling.   Much rather this type of weather and after paddle event.

20200530 0018261527799510143363228

come on SPRING!!!!! Wants away for a couple days,,,,


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