Believe nothing, no matter where you read it, or who said it – no matter if I have said it! – except it agree with your own reason and your own common sense.” – Siddhartha Gautama, a.k.a. the Buddha

winning changing and money

“I haven’t changed, but I know I’m not the same.”

People change, everyday.  Places change, constantly.   Times change; sometimes explosively, as we have been witness to the last 19 months of our lives.  They say you can’t go home, and I have seen it a time or two in my travels.  You go back, but the changes in you and the place you left to return to, have drifted on different currents: compatibility has to be re-established, and that is not always possible.  Looking over the last couple of years; how WE have changed, individually, collectively, globally?  One wonders,,,,

Over at Liberties Torch, Fran quotes Lysander Spooner.   I always love Spooner quotes, and so few are familiar with his work.   That the schools even of my time in, never mentioned him, let alone taught his work,,,   Bloodless Revolution.  Consent of the Governed.  SOUND MONEY.  CHANGE. Go read, lots to think about.  (there is a part 2 up now as well.)

Spare change?  

Solid civilizations operate on money (we call it currency because it is the “Flow” the current that we measure,).  The reason is barter is too clumsy, not readily transportable and the ability to specialize gets watered down by need for sufficiency: currency allows specialization and diversity of skills across society.  While I was off and about back in 2012 running around the country, one of the places I worked at/stayed at paid me $1/hr for labor.   I was paid in pre-1965 coin at face value.   I might get ten dimes, or four quarters etc etc, but it was $1 per hour worked.    At that time, silver was exchanging around $14 ounce.  Todays rate is $23.   If I were still there, I would still be earning $1/hour and would be happy to do so.   I could list several reasons for that happiness,,,   None of them make the government happy.

The only downside to receiving/using coin is weight; They used to be cart wheels back in the day, and for good reason, the rich needed carts to haul around their wealth. (usually the royalty,) this is straight into Spooners Circle of Coercion and as Fran shows, Promissory notes.

Today they are called Dollars (in the US, other names elsewhere) and they are all based on nothing but a PROMISE, and the trust in that promise is breaking.    

Ask the Duke of Milan how well the mercenaries work when the promise is broken.

Another author I have delved into a time or two here.  Larken Rose.   If you aren’t familiar with him, go check out his vids on that link, 

Change is coming, one that is gonna be painful for most, fatal for many, and if what I think is coming, WELCOME by such as me, The Great Reset is supposed to usher in a new regime of power for certain globalists, and they think it means that “we will own nothing and be happy” but I see it more being that the Ungovernable predominate and they(the globalists) will find their plans fractured and scattered before the ink is even dry on their “World Constitution”or whatever they think will pass.

Why would the ungovernable predominate?   Because we are the most resilient of the herds.   We don’t accept things at face value.  We demand core principles, (and why most of us are so cynical; We rarely see those principles these days.). We are the ones on the ramparts screaming about the hordes loosed amongst us, and we are the Conspiracy theorists that have been proven right so often the last couple of years.   We see weasel words for what they are, we know when someone is trying to pull the curtain back in place to hide those operating the levers.

We see the Mitch McConnells of the world, and know them for the grifters they are.  We see “The Science” and know a Mengele is loose again.


“I haven’t changed, but I know I’m not the same.”

There was a time when I ‘understood’ the bargaining and compromising that makes up Poltics.   I still understand it, but I have a different viewpoint of that understanding: one a hundred eighty degrees from the original.  I now see it for the power manipulation that it truly is, and the ‘represented’ be damned.   That we honor and memorialize psychopathic monsters and call them “Representative” shows how little we have grown from the serfs of yore.   Maybe as Americans we are more ungovernable than most of the rest of the world, but we still cling to that “let someone else handle it”.   The only time that wasn’t so was on the frontiers of this country as it was growing, but it followed on their footsteps quite quickly.

That lack of change from serfdom will temper the level of chaos to come, but it won’t stop it.   There is a revolution of thinking and action coming and I see it as a great decentralization, and why the BIG government, BIG banking, and MEGACORPS are fighting so hard to hold the line and keep us in check.

We are winning and they are scared shitless.

The more we change, the more we stay the same.

WE haven’t really progressed as far as we would like to think have we?   I mean, we aren’t really that far from the days when stone and bone were the peak of technology.   Our toys are more impressive, but WE really aren’t all that different as a species, are we?

Its a quiet day here at the house, my mind is scattered like the quantum fuzzball called Grizz, and my currency is flowing but not as I would like. (its flowing OUT, most definitely, I need to work on that IN thing, and part of why my mind is so scattered.).    

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