Believe nothing, no matter where you read it, or who said it – no matter if I have said it! – except it agree with your own reason and your own common sense.” – Siddhartha Gautama, a.k.a. the Buddha

come’on SPRING!!!

*Sigh*,   I hate winter, have since I was in High School.   About the only thing I do like about winter is the solitude that gets enforced on my hill.   No one comes up that road when the snow and mud are its nicest features.   It makes for a some lovely quiet evenings to really get my head back together.

But it has always been a damper to my incomes.  Even when I was touring, we didn’t do as much in the winter months.   Setting up stages in fields was right out unless the promoter was paying extra.  Even the IATSE would up their rates for outside gigs. (we used union only when the we had to, and we were most definitely a NOT a union shop.)

And here I sit: its rather nice out today, considering the last two have tried to make like the great white north.  My solar panels are ticking away pumping those electrons into my battery bank, and I have a completed, untested, and quite virgin kayak sitting in the cradles of my horses+, teasing me to no end.  Son of Bossman texted me last night, let me know today was a day off.  I’m grateful he let me know in advance instead of my showing up and finding out.   Not that it affected my schedule or anything, i am up before the sun everyday, not just work days.   

Oh, the itch to go paddling is strong today.   I’m not, not because I don’t want to, but because I haven’t a paddle partner to go with.  As cold as that water is right now,,, No way am I gonna go solo.  

So, I decided to go ‘White water” kayaking.   Snow is technically white water, right?   Right?    

Took Jefe for a little spin on the hillside.   She sucks for edging in snow, but dig in the paddle and she’ll spin out smooth enough to catch a chine and turn.  

Unfortunately, she has serious river rash, and that rash gets mucked up quickly.  Two, maybe three runs, and then she starts galling and won’t move.   

oh well.  I had some fun and ‘seat time’ of a sort.     I’d take ghost since her hull is nearly pristine, but I can’t see piloting a 17′ kayak down a 50′ hill.   And my skin boats???  Awhellno!!!   one good stick and I might have serious repairs to do.   At least the plasti-yaks can handle a bit of abuse like a stick or a rock.   Much easier to weld a hole closed than do surgery on skin.  

Hopefully, tomorrow brings work, if not, I go looking.   I may be making ‘a little’ from my writing, but not enough to support it full time.   Funny how that works.     

May have up more later, I am on the keys and the net and working, even if it isn’t paying work (yet).



+ I have a set horses made specifically for building kayaks.  there is a band that hangs in the width that supports the boat without stressing any one point in the hull.  That is the cradle.   if you look at some of the pics published while I was building Selkie, you will see that band, even if she wasn’t laying in it at the time.

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