Believe nothing, no matter where you read it, or who said it – no matter if I have said it! – except it agree with your own reason and your own common sense.” – Siddhartha Gautama, a.k.a. the Buddha

watch the narratives.

Three lines of thinking seem to be reaching the level of consensus in my wanders of the spheres these days.   The three lines are “Obey”, the thinking of the surrendered, (those that bought the lie and are doomed to suffer booster after booster in perpetuity) “Patriot” that wanna fight to return to normal times again, when a cold bug was a regular pain in the butt, not a life changing event world wide.   and then there is this.

I’m a rational person, I like to dig into as many facts as I can to make for better decisions,  I used to take the Malthusian slant of “we’re all gonna die” until I realized that those “the end is near” types have been saying this shit for centuries and making predictions and telling people to eat their own children (true, it was called the Irish solution) AND IT NEVER HAPPENS.   Why? Because the Human Species didn’t get to the top of the list by failing, Unlike our Current Elite typeIModX.  Maybe there was a point where it looked like we wouldn’t be able to feed nearly 8 billion people on the planet, but look again, here we are.   Solutions were worked out, systems improved, even if the outcome is not optimal, we ARE feeding nearly 8 billion people on this planet and we have even reduced the amount of hectares needed to do so.   Malhus was NOT right.   Peak oil?  Maybe, but I will damned well guarantee that when we start getting to the point where recovering oil is outright prohibitive IN COST,(not by regulation) Some smart people will find an alternative that DOESN’T require moving pollution sources away from the use point, like we have with the jokes of electric vehicles currently.  Maybe it will be a hybrid electric that uses gasses from chickenshit decomposing or somesuch.   Who knows?  Thats the fun of this, When the railroads were being made, the nay-sayers said they would be so heavy that they wouldn’t be able to move, now we have locomotives that run on diesel, moving metric tons of material with less fuel usage per pound.   And those ARE hybrids.  Diesel Generators powering huge traction motors that also act as the brakes.    

Recall, there was a time during the begining of the oil years where they dumped gasoline into the rivers because it was a waste product.  Rockefeller was the one that started using that gas to fuel the refineries to make his kerosene, and then they found it worked wonderfully in the Otto-cycle engines and the race to put a car in every horse stall was on.

The solutions are out there, we just haven’t seen them yet and that FEEDS the Malthusian mentality.  Cognitive dissonance forces rejection of the facts even when the event has NOT come to pass, EVER!!!

The narratives (Not those of the EneMedia, but of consensus of thought) are evolving.   My own thinking is evolving.   

are we in for hard times?   Damned straight we are.  BUT, we as a people will keep on keeping on.  I have said it before, WE AREN’T HUNGRY ENOUGH for REAL change to take place.   WE haven’t hit that point were, as a whole, WE step off the porch and demand that the stoopid, the FRAUD, the Oligarchs that make the narratives of the EneMedia spin, be held acccountable.   We may never see it in my lifetime, but I DO feel we are very close to it,,,,

And in the meantime, things will get rough.

I think this year is going to be a tipping point for that.  Things are going to go along, pretty much as convoluted and disturbed as in 2020 and 2020won, but when the Selection cycles come around, THE FRAUD is going to revert to Total Stoopid and there are enough Truly Woke people to see the lever pullers behind the curtains now.   

I hate prognosticatin, but thats my prog for the start of 2020Too, another year that shouldn’t have,,,


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