Believe nothing, no matter where you read it, or who said it – no matter if I have said it! – except it agree with your own reason and your own common sense.” – Siddhartha Gautama, a.k.a. the Buddha

Selkies Corset

Like everything else about my skin boats, there is a blend of old and new. That thread is 65#test braided fishing line, doubled for sewing. Tough stuff. There is a piece of antler in the pic; thats what I use to really crank on the tension of that thread. Using bare fingers, I’d be cut to the bone with a quickness.(so use bone to tension thread, see my logic?) Because the thread is teflon coated, I can see up 3-4″, then wind it up super tight and set that hemostat in place for the next section.

Tightening up Selkies corset is tedious.

And I am no Seamster. It looks rough, kinda is, but it will hold and hold well. I’m hemming the edges so the thread bites two layers on each side. That cloth is 800 denier Polyester (sometimes called sailcloth) and the tighter I get it now, the less I have to shrink later. There are some wrinkles that will needed ironed out but that is always the case.

And that hard decked cockpit is gonna be tricky. (But I have had a plan from the start and its looking more viable as I go along.

I’m also working backwards this time. Usually I sew the cutwaters first, then stretch the skin on. Major pain in the ass, let me tell ya. But another builder suggested ith the poly skin, to start in the middle and work out, cut waters last. Much less wear on me, and less chance of busting a deckbeam this way. And the poly DOES shrink very nicely. (I played with a cut off and a heat gun. Perfect!!)

Nuff bout me. Howsaboutyou? Did ya all have a good holiday? Mine was middling: no nightmares or exciting drama; just the way I like it. Sis will be in town in a day or so, wanted to avoid holiday traffic and foul weather in mountains. Looks like she’ll have a week long window of clear to play with, but then Old Man Winter is gonna come back and make lives a misery again.

MamaKat, Grizz, Zooms and Voo all got gifties, all bloody with Grizzies being the exception. He doesn’t like DedKow, but sure prefers whatever is on my plate vs whats on his, so he had medium well tenderloin with me. Good stuff. Slow cooked it in a dutchoven on top the wood stove over night. Mushroom gravy and biscuits,,,,

I need to do that’un again. Made an absolute pig of myself, but damn was it good.

Not much of a gourmet. My cooking would be right at home here

Made on one of these.

And there is a large part of me that would prefer that location,,,,

Anywhoos, its time to get back to needle work and get enough done that I can hang the kayak out of kitteh reach. More tomorrow

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