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Muse addiction itch needs a scratch

Once upon a time,,,

Actual time period was 2003 when these pics were taken. I made mention of my ‘joke of a bass’, and this was that one. The good’un, for some damned reason, seems to have been deleted from files, or damaged so badly it doesn’t register as a valid file now

Now, it aint much to look at, was a neck I bought from the local Sam Ashe store(they had a tub of used necks for sale and I bought 10 or so, at a buck apiece, I figured ‘what the hell!”), but there was a lot of thought and learning put into it. Single humbucker PU, but note the two switches near the volume knob (no tone, figured that was what EQs are for) one was a ‘tap’ that split the coil for brighter tones. The other was a ‘phase’ switch. It would reverse polarity of signal; AND IT WORKED! Was playing out one halloween and just could not get my bass to cut into the mix, flipped that switch and I was turning down!!!

And here was my ‘inner sanctum’ before I started touring so much. That little 4 channel PA was 1000 watts of trouble and worth every penny. Even used it as side fills for a wedding gig and it did better than the house PA.

Notice the Trace Elliot bass amp? This was between my Yamaha headless basses, but that amp was key to my sound for what sound I had, LOL. There is a yamaha keyboard under that garish blanket (kittens liked laying on it) and off stage right is an Ovation acoustic that gathered more dust than play. (Yeah thats Schecter on the wall, not mine)

I haven’t had anything with strings in my home in 13 years. Feeling a tad itchy these days. So I’m setting aside a little personal fund to buy a new (to me) Ibanez or something, while I put together another personally built frankenBass. Will need to get my callouses back and I am sure I am so rusty as to need to spend weekends just running scales, work on clean tone, and just ‘scratch that itch’

(Avoiding the hoopla leading into Christmas weekend. Not ignoring it, just keeping the crap away from the spirit of the season)

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  1. Ohio Guy

    I played bass for some friends who played the oldies rock…we did weddings, fund raisers, birthday parties, things like that, so…yea, I have a cheapo acustic I need to strum around on and make some sounds. It’s been a minute, but tis the season to make a little music. At least the dogs and kitties don’t boo me! They just look at me funny. Hope the joy of Christmas touches you and all you love.

    Liked by 1 person

    December 23, 2021 at 8:22 am

    • I dunno,,, flattened ears on a cat is about as close to Booing as I have ever seen. Lol
      Merry Christmas Ohio Guy,


      December 23, 2021 at 9:04 am

  2. Do it! Scratch that itch!! I’m a drummer myself, started playing in 1975 at age 7, made it to “semi-pro” status by 19 ( good enough to get paid to play, just not enough to actually live on!) Kept slugging it out in clubs and other assorted venues til life/wife/parenting/career took up ALL my time. I dropped out slowly, started teaching drums and became so miserable doing so that I just stopped playing altogether for couple years. THEN, all my gear except for my cymbal bag and one snare drum were stolen. That was the final straw. HEAVY, DEEP depression set in at that point. For about 8 years. Started playing again 3 years ago, and every aspect of my life has improved since then. Now I’m fully geared up again, playing (somewhat) regularly and the chops are coming back slowly but surely. Never been happier in my adult life. Save those pennies buddy, you’ll get there!! Consider it an investment in your mental health! You got the ‘yaks which is awesome (my sport is surfing) but a TRUE musician must play, otherwise madness ensues!

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    December 28, 2021 at 4:21 pm

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