Believe nothing, no matter where you read it, or who said it – no matter if I have said it! – except it agree with your own reason and your own common sense.” – Siddhartha Gautama, a.k.a. the Buddha

Hope I understand, but I certainly do not base my reality on it

With all the hoopla around a certain trial, that has been obviously deck stacked in favor of the guilty, I can understand people hoping that the wake-up call spreads like wildfire.    

BUT, to put all the hope into  VOATING HARDER,,,,,

Ummm,  No!

Honest elections are DEAD.  Have been for some time, but after the 2020 Selection Cycle, and a couple more recent ones,,,,   I have to give those that swear “Voat Harder” the side-eye and step away, quickly.  Even the ‘Win’ of Governor of VA was, as I stated here, a GIMME, because the powers that control such things needed to take some heat off, and the new Governator of VA is going to prove to be a useless teat on a boar hog: just watch, you’ll see.

Those that control such things have fingers in everything that we are seeing,   The Vaxxnottavaxx powerstructure, the Maxwell/Epstein circles of pedophilia and human trafficking,,,  wouldn’t be at all surprised if some of the seats of the FEDRES are deep in the goo if not key members of the inner circles of this mess.  

That we know names of key people running the shit-show, K Schwab for example, is not reason to think we know the circles inhabitants.  Those names are just the fall guys IF things get too exposed, the proverbial “Tall Nail”.  

And it’s all Kabuki theater to distract us, because there will be no justice done by the system in its own self interests.   its like asking the third graders to honestly grade each others tests. Some will (Kyle Rittenhouse Trial) Most won’t (Jan6 protestors held without trial for going on a year,  The Chauvin Case.). 



Something IS happening,

I’ve mentioned several times, that I think there is a war going on WITHIN the Deepstate, Not that it really matters here at the street level, at least not YET, it doesn’t.   No matter which side wins in such a war, WE, those here at street level, will lose. The only question being in that case: WHAT we lose.  Do we lose our Lives or do we lose our Dignities.  They already stole our Inheritance of a Country founded in Freedom (try and LEAVE, see how far you get without having to sign away everything you own, or at least pay a hefty(60+%) Tax on what you own.  If you can’t freely choose to leave, you are in PRISON.  Period DOT end of argument.) Not that we will ever truly know the details of such a war, but we can surmise the outcome of it by certain key points.  Do the Mandates start gaining teeth and suddenly we see concentration camps, or does the whole Scamdemic suddenly lose steam and for a short time, things feel almost normal, until the world economy starts tanking from all the other places that are ‘one step ahead of us’. (full disclosure of opinion: We won’t see the cattle car round ups.  It will be stealthier than that.   When/if it gets tot he cattle car level, it will be FAR too late in the game and anything we do will be a suicide run.) 

There are days where I wonder if Klaus there, has the right of it to kill off billions of people, and reduce the world to pre-Industrial Revolution level subsistence.   The American experiment is dead now, though the spirit is alive and kicking in more than a handful.    

Cynic? Why Yes, I am.  And there are days where its so strong, keeping the beast on a leash is my hardest job.  I’ve stated many times here, I don’t want to go down that darkened hallway.  I know whats down there and I locked it away there years ago for a damned good reason.  Its not pretty, or pleasant, but it is quite FINAL if it gets out.

And the worst part?  The last two years has found me hovering near this end of that hallway, asking myself “is it time???”

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