Believe nothing, no matter where you read it, or who said it – no matter if I have said it! – except it agree with your own reason and your own common sense.” – Siddhartha Gautama, a.k.a. the Buddha


Darkened thoughts this T-day eve, started way early, but I held off on any posts until I could get a finger on the pulse of the world.   

Remember this little tidbit I linked to several times in one post?  That has been the weight on my mind today.  Started around three A M and didn’t let up.   Jotted down notes of what I was thinking and went to work for a half day of goofing off.   Didn’t have much that needed done, but I did make some stuff that had nothing to do with fences, the job, or the company.  Yeah, I totally waffled the day away making parts for a kayak rudder for a bud. (damn do I love that plasma cutter,,,)

SO, back to that FEAR FACTOR.   I am told otherwise by many people, but deep inside, I feel I am just an average Joe-blow,,, Nothing special about me, Never been wildly successful, never spent more time in jail than needed to get my butt into a court-room and the Snafu straightened out, never went so broke that I became desperate.   C average student when i cared to give a damn.  About the only ‘exceptional’ thing about me is my GEAS for self education, and even there, I find it annoying that so many DON’T have that drive.

Those are the people driving my fear right now.   Not the asshats that came up with this Regressive Progress that more looks like Feudal Europe before the Magna Carta was signed.  Nope, My fear is of those that would find the situation acceptable for them since it would take away so many of the troubles they struggle with.  They don’t see the pandoras box of shit that will get opened by this ‘reset’, but they sure do like the cradle to grave, go along to get along vibe of it.   

And we KNOW, it won’t work.   There has been too much evolution of mentality since the days of Feudal lords, and that is exactly what the designers of this mess want to be: lord and master of all that they see, with the people beholden to them.   Even in Europe when things were starting to get beyond kinddoms you could cross by fast horse in one day, that feudal lord thing was showing cracks.   Sarah has a good post about that very point up, and I find it funny that her thinking twisted the key in my mind as to what was really going on in my hindbrain over all of this.  It isn’t the collaborators of the Great Reset that are troubling me, they will be dealt with in due time, one way or another (they aren’t immortal after all), but the people that would stand FOR this shit and allow the collaborators access to the levers to do GREAT HARM in the meantime while their “paradise” destroys all that we find good in this world.  Scary enough, many of them are your friends and family.   (and I know of at least one in my family that would fall in line RIGHT NOW, if the reset happened overnight.  It won’t, it can’t, there are too many cogs that need placed yet for that to happen.   And they still have to throw the switch of Economic Collapse to engage the machinations they are fabricating).  I try to keep my spirits up by thinking that there are more of US than them, but looking around me day to day, I feel quite alone.  One here or there, but far to few between the masses of ‘don’t give a shits’ that couldn’t care less who has the reins of power so long as they get their three squares and roof over their heads.   And some of them would be happy in a communist situation since they wouldn’t have to strive to be equal to everyone around them.  (the bottom of the ditch is the Taj Mahal to them apparently.)

In that regard, no, I am not average.   Most definitely on the right hand side of the bell curve.  Probably even extremely right on that curve.   I don’t want mediocrity in my life, I endeavor to keep learning more and more so that mediocrity doesn’t get its hooks in me.  (and maybe, if I would take what I have learned and apply some of the energy I use to learn into action, I might become that highly successful person I haven’t met yet.  Yes, I know: excuses, assholes, they all stink,,, ).  Looking at that bell curve as mentioned, the big hump in the middle would be WHY I fear this reset thingy even being tried.   Of course, if they do push it through, that big hump is going to get whittled down quick as the designers start to eliminate dead weight.  Thats the only way they can make it work for them, and like all good lefties, they have plans, but can’t see that plans NEVER survive the first engagement of reality.  They also never calculate for people like me, because as far as their self-image goes, people like me CAN’T exist in the world,,,,   And they would find me and my cousins of the mind to be rather troublesome thorns indeed.

 It the points between ‘right now’ and ‘then’ that have me irked.   I’m just a little whisp of a voice in the sea of the world, no credibility on the world stage and not loud enough to get tagged by one of the many heads of Leviathan.   (maybe I have, but I am not certain.  I know I am on several lists, but I don’t move around enough to attract attention that would let me know HOW troublesome I am considered.).   The last time I was contacted about “shit” was two days after the Oklahoma Bombing, and that was a cursory call to former EOD peeps not still active: a “just checkin on ya’ kind of call.  

Keep your head on a swivel out there.   I mentioned that Switch called Economic Collapse, and we all know we aren’t all that far off from some serious kabooms in the currencies.   That large hump in the middle of the curve are the ones that are going to be screaming “FIX THIS!!! YOU CAN HAVE MY FREEDOMS IF YOU JUST MAKE THIS GO AWAY!!!”   Thats my fear.  The designers are just waiting for that moment.

Tomorrow is Turkey Day here in the States (yes, I see y’all over in the old country taking peeks here) The day where we gather to give thanks, and I have several reasons in particular to give THANKS this year.   I will be off and about all day Thursday and most of Friday,   Posting may be light, but y’all need to spend time with your’n while we still can.  If you aren’t feeling particularly thankful, use the moment to get a feel for those of your extended family are members of that large hump in the bell curve.  You probably already have a fair idea, but make it solid while you still have the leisure to do so.  

But most especially, I want to Thank ALL OF YOU that come here and listen to this old curmudgeon, and occasionally give me feedback.   Thank you one and all.

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  1. dirtroadlivin

    Happy thanksgiving to you and your Da. Indeed folks, spend time with the family that you can, warts and all (well up to a point). Got a call couple of days ago from from LEO informing me my dad was found deceased in his home. Estranged for the last five years. Didn’t have to be that way but he so he chose. Hoping for him it it was quick and merciful. Will spend some time with what is left of family and find some thanks, have some fellowship, reflect a bit. Hope all ya’ll have a good holiday.


    November 25, 2021 at 7:39 am

    • Sorry to hear about your dad.
      Use the day to reflect indeed, and be thankful we aren’t into the shooting phase yet.


      November 25, 2021 at 7:46 am

      • dirtroadlivin

        Thanks Dio. Seems to be more affirmation daily that it’s coming. Take today’s respite while we can, continue to prepare and stay wide awake.

        Liked by 1 person

        November 25, 2021 at 8:32 am

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