Believe nothing, no matter where you read it, or who said it – no matter if I have said it! – except it agree with your own reason and your own common sense.” – Siddhartha Gautama, a.k.a. the Buddha

Sunday,, some thoughts and silver linings

It’s been a good week in review, Kyle was exonerated for doing the right thing, the judge and jury did the right thing even under the threat of retaliation by forces of Fascism, For that is what is really going on here. They paint those words on us hoping that the recoil will cause us to retreat.   We need to STOP doing that and plant the words and images where they belong proper.

Mike over at Cold Fury shares “From the Latin: While we breathe, we hope. “  and so I do, Kyles win resides on the edge of this mess, not the heart of it.   You might even say its just another distraction of what is really going on. RTWT it matters more than you know.

I subscribe to several financial advice groups, and one thing that has been popping up, A LOT, of late is getting on the bus with the groups mentioned in that last link.   You really need to read that, like RTFN!!   There are forces at play in the world, and they operate with free-hands virtually unseen by most and rarely exposed by any media outlets, and never by MSM/Minitru. What they have done in Europe is coming to the US rapidly, and that large portions of our infrastructure, not just power, but food, and housing, are rapidly being absorbed by foreign entities, show they are gaining that foundation they need, for when they flip the switch to the machine they are building.   Its not ready YET, but if people keep ‘looking the other way’, it won’t be long.   It rather disturbs me that there are people in this country that are so concerned with ‘getting ahead’ that they would join forces with the very people that tell them flat out “you will own nothing and be happy”.  A temporary security in wealth so that their children live in serf-dom???    Again, and maybe I am beating a dead horse here, READ THAT ARTICLE,  That “Creature from Jekyll Island” is growing even stronger in the darkness the media provides for it.  Maybe there is opposition though, from a source I wasn’t aware of.(it isn’t simple, but it is necessary, the only question is, WHEN)

But the silver linings, I said silver linings,   

They are out here, and most people in the US have no clue that the discontent is growing.   Of course our propaganda arms have no desire to make us aware that people are reacting in the negative to political overreach; that would be a bad thing and us plebes might get some ‘ideas’ about wresting our power back from the charlatans.  Can’t have that! gotta get the guns first.   (keep watch on that front as well, its been quiet, but I feel something is about to ‘bust loose’,    Expect a T-day massacre or Christmas day massacre to fuel the blood dance needed “save the chilluns” and get the guns. ).  I must repeat one of the Memes that need to become your daily mantra.   NEVER GIVE UP YOUR GUNS.   STAY AWAY FROM CROWDS,  ALWAYS BE PREPARED   head on a swivel, etc etc, you get the point.   But that first one,,,,    The whole cold dead hands meme is the only acceptable answer.   Just look at Australia and Great Britain for examples of what happens when you give up the poodle shooters.   Look north of us at Canada and you’ll see whats in store for us.   I don’t worry about my guns, but I worry about those that would compromise and have compromised over the years.   Shall not be infringed is damned clear, but you can not tell me it was payed any attention to.


All right, its Sunday, and i have things I must get done, I’ll try to be back up later with pics and useless kayaky stuff,,,,

(full disclosure, I make nothing by these links, all of my income is derived from my daily efforts or sales of MY books as listed in the sidebar.  I provide the links for YOUR educational purposes and to support those that are on the same team.   Feel free to support them, and I sure wouldn’t mind a little help either.hint hint.)

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