Believe nothing, no matter where you read it, or who said it – no matter if I have said it! – except it agree with your own reason and your own common sense.” – Siddhartha Gautama, a.k.a. the Buddha

Natch-ewe-rawl sea-lect-shawn

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I hate to say, but have been saying it for years: we, as a species, are devolving; because we have chosen to ignore MamaNature and protect those that should be permitted to pass on, before they pass on their issues. We call it humanity, or being ‘humane’, but in some cases, I think its virtue signalling “I care more than you so I’m protecting what should die” . Virtue signalling is always selfish in purpose even if our society has twisted it. It has become a ‘one up’ game in a race to the bottom of stoopidity. We see it with the Cancel Culture: people apologize for being themselves, just because a VERY small group feelz offended.

Read the article, extrapolate what is going on with THE FRAUD importing a replacement populace, the rise in female babies over the last 50 years, the rise in Male emasculation in near ALL media outlets (white males especially) and toss in our forever wars in effort to reduce the number of Aggressive personalities, that may interfere with “Agendas”. (Its my theory that the wars, experimented with in Korea, formalized in Nam, and carried forward in ths Sandboxes, were to eliminate people that think outside of the marxist dogma spewn in higher education. Just a theory and likely full of holes, but,, )

Go’head, accuse me of Eugenics, I can take it.  I don’t think that is the line I am drawing here, but I could be wrong,,,   At least I am not like the founders of certain organizations that created them to isolate and control a certain ‘race’ (and let the whole she-bang get ‘weird’,,,).  And I am not advocating Infanticide either.  Sparta we may admire, but there were points where they showed the darkest side of human nature: the piles of bones of babies in a pit would prove that one, but the myth has yet to be convicted.  

I don’t have an answer, That line of thinking leads rapidly down a hole that gets morbid and murky with things that are best left to horror writers, of which I am not.  I do think we are devolving into a lower order of species and that without addressing things in some fashion, we are going to eventually work our species into a corner with no escape.  

Think ‘Idiocracy’,,,,

To Quote the above article and get back on topic,,,

Aristocrats — probably a standard deviation above our leaders today in intelligence — recognized this and consequently, stayed away from Social Darwinism and instead used the law of Plato:

Good to the good, and bad to the bad. 

. (emphasis mine)

It doesn’t take much mental gymnastics to see that this is also a FREE MARKET mentality.   You make good products, have good customer service, you receive good incomes and grow.  Build shitte, piss on your customers; you won’t be around long.   WE DO NOT HAVE A FREE MARKET set up in this country or Giggles, Twatter, and Feekbuck would be struggling.   They are supported by being unethical, IMO, in selling their user base habits to anyone with the cash, including (especially) our very own Big Brutha,,,,

In a truly free-market world, we wouldn’t have the issues we see in a welfare state/socialist state/ pre-communist Regime.   And that we are very much on the doorstep of such is only a matter of degrees and observation.   If you choose to not see the system failures and supply chain withering on the vine, you won’t see them, UNTIL THEY ARE IN YOUR BACK POCKET and your ribs are being gnawed on by your tummy.   Interestingly enough, I am not 100% certain we will ever get to the point where Russia was at prior to 1986.   Oh, we may see lots of empty shelves, especially in large cities, but out in fly-over country, there is ALWAYS someone with a garden, and the ability to bribe the jackboots is well understood.  (and they know out here, if you can’t bribe ‘em, BURY ‘EM). It will get rough, but in the parts of the world I am currently in, it has been rough since CWII.  There is good reason why there are churches on danged near every ridge or in every hollar out this way: that is THE community source for what really keeps this place alive, when all other factors say it should have died before the turn of the 1900’s.  Appalachians are tough, stubborn, and SMART, even if they have a reputation for dumb shit.  And they don’t like being played with, like the current world order is trying to do.    This area is renowned for the “leave me be” attitude.

Ok, enough of my dribbles and drabbles, I have a white oak that needs cut into Kayak Ribs for steaming (tomorrow?!?!?!   Hopes!!!!)   Still need to work on a couple deckbeams but they can wait until I have the hull shape I like.   Yeah, I am kinda building this one in reverse this time: shooting for a specific shape.  Have to experiment with rib lengths and those will determine what I do uptop.   More later if’n I get the drive to fire up the lappy again.

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