Believe nothing, no matter where you read it, or who said it – no matter if I have said it! – except it agree with your own reason and your own common sense.” – Siddhartha Gautama, a.k.a. the Buddha


Sometimes ya just gotta say “F#*k It, Drive on”,,,    

Emperor Xi-den issued a royal decree today from his potty chair, that DESPITE a court ordered pause in his Mandates, that businesses should still comply.   

push buttons much asswipe?

Keep pushing them, because the more you do, the easier my job gets,,,,

In Sarahs post (linked first), she talks about how people in the US have more hobbies than in other countries.    I have always found it interesting that old skills are kept alive as more of an exercise in “Hobby” than actually trying to keep one of the OLD WAYS, alive.  I find it a little disheartening to find out some craftsman has passed on without passing on his/her knowledge, and that has happened quite a bit of late.  (our redneck bootlegger recently passed along without passing on his ‘secrets’, so my supply of Tennessee clear is what I have until I can find another moonshiner,,,) but that always happens, every generation, and there are those that make the effort to try and save something, even if only in written word.

We are a resourceful lot, we Ameri’CANS.  The FRAUD, not so much.  People may take pictures of ‘redneck ingenuity’ and post them on social sites, but for every one person laughing at the pic, 3 others are making a note on what someone else did as a ‘make do’, and thinking how to do it better.    It’s that attitude that led America into leading the Industrial revolution after certain Tinkers visited England and stole her best ideas.  “You did it this way, I do it that way, cheaper, better and faster,,,”   Its why Henry Ford is (incorrectly) attributed with the Automobile, He didn’t ‘invent’ it, but he made the production process so effective that his vehicles became ubiquitous in very short order.  And others copied him and things PROGRESSED.   The “Progressives’ are anything but; we should attribute a more proper term to them.  REGRESSIVES.   The “Plans” they are trying so hard to push through leave the world without so much, and in their minds, they would be sitting on top of it all.  BUT, they fail to realize that without “what is NOW’, their utopia WILL fail and they will be at the top of a pile of shit that not even a desperate pig would want to claim.

One of my Favorite Heinlein ‘shorts’ is “The man too lazy to fail” as told by Lazarus in Time enough for Love.   The man would perfect his chores to the least amount of effort needed and then get promoted, leaving a streamlined system behind him.  The parable also mentions that his ‘inheritors’’ always managed to Gunik up the system he had created.    

Maybe we are witnessing the Lazy mans Inheritors Gunking up a good machine, but if so, its been building for 150 years or more.

I still feel that THE FRAUD is going to so something so stoopid and inane either T-Day or, and I am leaning more towards, Christmas.   I think it will somehow be attributed to the Rittenhouse Trial and a ton more of those “mostly peaceful protests”, 

I just wait for the pushback, and its coming.  People are getting fed up, knowing that the accordion stooge is why we are seeing $3+/gallon gas, supply chain issues, employment shenanigans, and “Royal Decrees” that would make King Georgie blush.


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