Believe nothing, no matter where you read it, or who said it – no matter if I have said it! – except it agree with your own reason and your own common sense.” – Siddhartha Gautama, a.k.a. the Buddha


Big Country took a hit.

Then Irish was broadsided on clear waters.

Not so worried about my position, seeing how I work for a Dad and Son outfit, literally out of a garage, and I am the ONLY sumbitch that they can find that is able to do the things I do for them.  

BUT, there are people attached to me that aren’t in such a cozy position.  Those are the ones I worry about.   B&T my kayak buds and their little-un, Bubbie.   THEY, I worry about.   Now, I know if shit gets serious, that B is capable of a lot more than just ’the day job’, but there are things they are dependent on, that his position (and her position) provide for.  Things not so readily available if one were to lose the insurance, (and the alternatives all SUCK, or cost more than a normal persons salary in the best of times.)

Like my Da’s issues of late.  Three day hospital stay, $105000.00.   His Stent surgery $6000.   Can anyone explain the disparity there?  Granted these are not his costs, but the total sum of the bill before Medicare, and his costs were more reasonable.  

BUT, shit like that will bankrupt a person with a quickness if left with no support net.  

And then there is that whole ClotShot mandate thing going, and B&T are both looking at ‘having to make a choice”, and not liking the prospects,,,,

I see this shit, I see the cancelations of peoples livelihoods, I see the concerted efforts to silence people on social sites, I see the censorship of said sites with “validating” Fact-checkers (and you have all read my rant on that gaslighting crap,,)   

IF, you can’t see that we are already AT WAR, I can’t help you.  That we aren’t actively shooting yet is irrelevant, thats just a minor detail that hasn’t evolved yet: but its coming,,,.    We have been targeted as the enemy even though we are the actual backbone of this country that keeps things moving.  They think that ‘printing money’ is what keeps the CURRENT in our currency, never realizing that when we stop producing, the current stops flowing.   And they are after our means of production now.   They have already stated they intend on targeting our life savings by the $600 inquiry shit, the “Unrealized capitol gains tax” that will focus on every retirement account in the country, despite their claim its only target is the ultra wealthy (yeah, right.  

And then I read shit like (P)Saki spouted about the SNAFU at the port of Los Angeles. ““Both ports are moving 19% more containers than at the same point in 2018, which was the previous record and the ports remain on target to outpace the previous record of 17.5 million containers processed in 2018,” explained Psaki.”   Which is complete bullshit, because if those ports were moving that much material, there would be no material delays, like the ones that are hitting EVERY aspect of American productivity right now.  You don’t even need to be in productive industry to see it: you only need to go shopping at a BIGBOX store.  The prices, lack of certain KEY products, you name it.  You wouldn’t see miles of cars and trucks in parking lots: not awaiting sale, but awaiting KEY PARTS that aren’t making it INTO the country to finalize their build.   And now the fucksticks wanna start fining the very companies that are handcuffed by regulations and lack of services???     Wanna bet some of those container ships are gonna get the order to return to point of origin????    

The only reason people don’t wanna believe we are at war (more specifically that THE FRAUD has declared war on US) is that we aren’t shooting yet.   They have it in their heads that war means bullets and bombs and Dronestrikes and F18 strafing runs,,,,     They haven’t figured out that war is POLITICS first, or as Clausewitz states, policy by another means.  

Now they want to kill the future generations by infecting the children 5-11 with some version of the CLotSHOt:  A disease that has such a low effect on that age group (as in almost non-existent!!!) and these DOKTOR MENGELE types want to use OUR CHILDREN FOR EXPERIMENTAL DRUGS WITH ZERO ACCOUNTABILITY OR LIABILITY and they are being sanctioned and supported by a guy that locks beagles heads in boxes so they can be eaten alive by sandflies.  

I’m sorry, I read this shit, I watch the ‘weather reports’ of this perfect storm, and I wonder WHY aren’t we fucking shooting these bastards in the face, at close range, with a 12ga shottie loaded with buck?     Why aren’t the streets and avenues of certain cities NOT decorated for Halloween with very macabre  and smelly, and quite real corpses hanging from street-lamps?  

I made comment a couple of times that SINCE WWII, the long wars have had one purpose via two avenues: To eliminate the Aggressive blood through attrition, and to inoculate the people to Statist Creep.   With the varied “pillars” of society being fully owned by them, Arts and entertainment, education both standard and Higher. The News AKA Propaganda Arms,,,,    They have been able to brainwash people into Lemmings and weed out most (oh, but by no means all, aw hell no, not even close) of the Aggresive types that would ‘cause issue’.  

Where all of that works into the perfect storm?  People DON’T work like these Fuckstick Douchebags  WANT us to.   We have minds, we think, and WE ONLY WANT TO BE LEFT THE FUCK ALONE, 

But that’s not good enough for those that love power.  

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  1. dirtroadlivin

    As to those charges? Hospitals have a magic thing called the “Charge Master”. Quite an amazing little tool. Each hospital just makes up out of thin air incredibly inflated prices, sprinkles fairy dust, and and basically participates in screwing more dollars out of the system. The Charge Master is totally arbitrary, can be whatever they want it to be. It is primarily a starting point of sorts for “negotiations” with the payers, but royally screws the un- and underinsured. The hospitals and insurance companies and .gov pay sources all do their little dance to divvy up the pile-o-cash.
    We are indeed and war. Why does it stay at this smoldering pace, and for how long? It would seem technology/internet/media control with 24 hour access to people brains has certainly made this stage of the war a little different than in the past. Will human nature take over when people are pushed too far or has the placation of the masses been fine tuned enough to keep major kinetic action to a minimum? Just don’t damn know. Worrisome part is how so many cannot or choose not to see the hostile takeover of the very fabric of our society. That part is perhaps my biggest worry.
    I have come to believe that just wanting to be left alone, in today’s world, is a failed strategy. That narrows the subsequent choices considerably. They will not stop or slow their power hungry march until pain forces them to do so.


    October 29, 2021 at 4:57 pm

    • I thought as much (per Charge Master) since around here, the average annual salary (for those that actually hold down jobs long enough to HAVE an annual salary is around 25G. That doesn’t include the State emps to which I include county and city emps. So they “charged 130% annual salary/day and hope to get 1/10th of that after ‘negotiations ‘. In the meantime, my Da pays 20% of the bill (his share so they call it) and the rest is broken up, delayed and interest accrued before the hospital actually sees a dime, and they write off as much as they can in taxes in the meantime,,,,
      It’s a fricking CON-GAME, and the Mark is the patient.


      October 29, 2021 at 6:16 pm

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