Believe nothing, no matter where you read it, or who said it – no matter if I have said it! – except it agree with your own reason and your own common sense.” – Siddhartha Gautama, a.k.a. the Buddha

Avoiding the Hollyweird shit now.

Why? simple!, don’givashit!!!    And I will leave it at that.   Not much out of that pee-tick-ewe-lar CESSPIT has had much sway on my world the last 12 years, and I really don’t have any inclination in allowing it even a cats claw hold on me.

What’s eating at me is located (for the most part) in that part of the world though.   IE, The port of LA.  and all the shit falling apart there with delivery systems.  Systems that are spread far and wide and are starting to echo-back all the bullshit of the last two years and several GOOBERMENT intrusions.  

That echo-back is gonna pass in waves throughout the entire country, and in short order.   Seeing how we are already seeing empty shelves and other things, yeah, this one is gonna hurt.  Not that I have much going on for Christmas and what not, but I can see this is going to be a strange one for all.   

The fourth line may be commonplace for many many fams this year.  (Everclear is one of my favorite bands with great messages in their songs.   Offspring is another.)

Short day to day.  Total rain out.  I had everything done up by 11;30 when the others came back and cut loose.  Made one custom gate on request and was done by noon.   Not much to hold me down, and I despise milking the clock, so cut loose meself.  ‘Sides,  I have stuff here at the house that requires me too.   Not just the four feets, but them too.   

Gotta figure something out with this cockpit coaming.   The stuff I laid out on Saturday,,,   Well,  I could probably salvage the mold, but will need to do a lot of repair to it after I bust all that resin and fiberglass off.  Trying to decide if the ‘easy choice’ is the hard choice here.  The easy choice is to just start over, right? but that also means more lucre spent.   BUT, what I have isn’t working,,,   Hey, Its a learning curve: I admitted right out of the gate that I have never worked with Fiberglass and resin before.   And the lessons I am learning won’t be forgotten, fer-certain!!!

My original plan was to take a section of ABS pipe, split it and form it using a heat gun to the shape I needed.  Decided against it for ‘reasons’, but starting to think that it was the better route to follow.    ABS won’t allow the resin to stick to it, especially with a wax or PVA coating applied to it.(I know this from my initial experiments.  I used a section of ABS for the ‘mold’ to see what each component would do)  THAT is where my wood form is failing.  That resin seems to be ‘burning’ that wax right into the wood and then bonding to said wood.   Even with the varnish finish I put on it.   And I think the varnish is absorbing into the resin as that wood is VERY bare (the section I did get pulled free.)

At least I am in no rush.   This time loop hits apogee on November 25th.  That was the day I finished Serena the first time round and had her maiden voyage on the 27th.   I am just hoping that I can get the skin delivered in time, and with the subject I opened with, that is in question.   The company shows it ‘in stock’ but that isn’t always “on their shelve, but at the warehouse they order from’.  I’ll be seeing soon enough if my paranoia is correct.

Just wondering when the collective figures out that there is only one cure and gets its head together long enough to accept that fact.  Some of us already figured it out.

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