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point of order(updated)

Don’t normally get into the quibbles regarding HollyWeird, but this one instance, I feel compelled to defend someone I could give a shit less about.

BC does a hella breakdown on a what an how, but missed one point, probably due to ignorance of that particular breed of ‘replica’. There are cartridge converters out there to allow you to use ‘modern’ cartridges in BP replicas. BUT, they are almost as hard to load as a normal BP pistol as described in BC’s post. In this case, you have to remove the cylinder from the pistol COMPLETELY, then ‘break’ the back face off the cylinder to install your cartridges. You then reassemble the cylinder making sure you have the firing pins in line with the primers on the shells, and reassemble the pistol. THERE WILL BE NO MISTAKING THAT THE PISTOL IS LOADED OR NOT BECAUSE YOU CAN SEE THE BOOLITTS CLEARLY in the chamber opening.

NOW, in defense of the Screw-up actor that pulled the trigger, YES, he is somewhat at fault for not checking prior that his gun was NOT loaded, but NOT ENTIRELY. There is ALWAYS an armorer on hand in shows with ANY weapons, and the job of making sure the guns are ‘safe’ for production FALLS SQUARELY on that armorer. Someone gets hurt, Said armorer is going pay for it, usually in Civil Court after the insurance agents have a field day on the production company. Second point of order: Unless there was a verbal threat (not including script, we are talking about a movie production here) chances are HIGH that AB was ‘doing what the Director was telling him to do. Let me say that again: Chances Are High That AB Was ‘Doing What The Director Was Telling Him To Do!!!

So, with that out of the way, someone is gonna go to Jail, but it won’t be the douche on the trigger, no matter what because there is filmed evidence showing exactly what I just stated, He was being directed and that the gun was loaded is NOT HIS FAULT, at least in this instance.

NOW, can we get OFF the distraction and back to what really fuckin’ matters, like the fact that we are living behind enemy lines in a rapidly devolving into communism Socialist country with Dictators that are trying to perform a half assed ‘deniable’ Genocide?

(yeah, I have been avoiding bringing that one up all weekend too,,,, I plead guilty. )

UPDATED: In comments over at BC’s, someone asked about the One dead, one injured thing. yes, a BP pistol loaded with 30 grains of 3f will send a boolit completely through a Deer, and deer tend to be a bit tougher than Hooman. As long as the boolit didn’t hit the spine,(any big bones, ribs not so much) I see no reason why it wouldn’t ‘take out two’, and the second recipient had better hope that the first wasn’t HIV positive.

I know this because I use a 1858 Remington New Model Army with a 10” barrel for BP season and have seen the devastation that little ball will do. Usually don’t have to track a deer very far.

UPDATE 2!!! Further reading, apparently AB was A douche and made stoopid look like a genius. See further in BCs comment below.

Yeah, ‘negligent discharge’ or armorer screw-up doesn’t justify pointing a gun at anyone ‘jokingly’. I have to agree with Mike on this one now.

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  1. bigcountryexpat

    Yo Brotherman:
    I’m fully cognizant of those types of cylinders… it’s just that they’re -so- rare and oddball that the odds of that being a particular bangstick in the hands of the fuckstick when he done did the deed was infinitesimally small. Word I’m getting now is it was ackchully NOT a BP Bangstick but a Colt Peacemaker and said-fuckstick WAS fucking around…

    Seems the Director had called for another take, and according to on-set sources, Baldwin said (jokingly) “Another take? Why don’t I fuckin’ just shoot the both of ya?” and then aimed the weapon AT them and squeezed off the round, hence why the Director of Cinematography took the round which kil’t her, and it being a .45LC More N Likely that’s a BIG BeeBee with some penetration, hence why Director Boy caught the round AFTER it done plugged said chick.

    Also it’s been mentioned that the Armorer was seen unloading the piece AFTER the shooting (tamper evidence much?) so yeah, they ALL need to go to jail.


    October 24, 2021 at 6:45 pm

    • Yeah, I caught that just a bit ago. Didn’t hear about the armorer unloading but as you said “evidence tamper ‘
      Sorry to assume ignorance of cartridge converters. They are actually quite common in replica circles because it makes it easier to use honest to gawd blanks, which sound more real the squib loading BP.


      October 24, 2021 at 7:15 pm

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