Believe nothing, no matter where you read it, or who said it – no matter if I have said it! – except it agree with your own reason and your own common sense.” – Siddhartha Gautama, a.k.a. the Buddha

Saturday productive

Fixed Buffalo on thursday, so of course someone had to find something for me to do with my weekend.   Da had ordered parts for his truck, hadn’t said anything but dropped the ball in my lap when He saw me load a kayak up.  

LOL.  No rest for the wicked, eh?

Normally I reserve Sundays for domestics but since I was Voluntold that I was wrenching on a truck, decided to knock out two birds with one trip.  Did laundry while doing a parts swap on the ‘Yoda Coma’.   At one point, I used to like Toyota products, but since around ’95, it seems like they are making things more complicated and proprietary; seems like nothing works between years, and that means you are going to have to order parts specific for your year ‘hicle if its not a general maintenance type thing.   At least with my GM trucks, an A-arm for one year fits about 20 years worth of vehicles across two or three platforms.   A water pump for a 4.3 fits any 350, no matter if it’s in a truck or Camaro.  I like that sort of generic, it makes my engineer side happy to see compatibility across a spectrum.

Kinda why I like Fiats back in the day too.   A cam for a Yugo would make a 1.5L in an X a hot item.  about a 15 horse increase with just that one swap.  (FIat sold Yugo their engine design back when, and the cam would fit with no changes in bearings or seals. BUT because the Yugo was a 1.1L engine, it needed a hotter cam to ‘keep up’.   ). There were other tricks to get more power or more reliable that I picked up, but sadly, the frames on most X-ies was shitte to begin with, and they tend to fold up after a couple of decades.   Finding a good one now is a Geas for the Devote.   (I heard that the reason for the crap frames was that Fiat bought cheap Russian Steel that was heavy in sulfur, and I also heard that there was a shipping strike about the same time that model was going into high production and many of the frames sat on a dock in salty air, unpainted, for a couple years before going back onto the line for build.  Dunno, but they do tend to rust even if babied and garage kept.)

Wrenching done, laundry done, kayak loaded, and its mid-day, and I am not sure what to do with the rest of my weekend.   Would like to go for a float, but may hold out till tomorrow as its supposedly going to be about ten degrees warmer.   Its still mid 50’s out right now.   Water is warmer than the air, but still at that stage of Brrrrrr, and kayaking IS a wet sport.   (and I’ll be honest, the last thing I want is to try and get in one of my wetsuits since I have put on 15# since August. Gotta work on that,,,,). 

So I started fiberglassing that coaming for the New version of the ‘Carcass of a Kayak formerly called Serena”.  Broke the mold in two parts (sawed it apart.  Could have pulled the top boards off as intended if I had done a one piece, but not sure they would have held the curve I forced on them.). and glassed two halves up.  They are sitting in the sun curing right now.   Fingers doubled crossed that, this time, that wax release works as its supposed ta.   

And obviously, I have a kitteh free house right now, seeing how I am able to type this out without distraction of fuzzy-butts wanting ‘tentions.  Actually, the boys are out on the porch, spooning, in a puddle of sunlight out of the breeze.   Boo is holed up under my bed, AGAIN, but snoring contentedly , and Mamakat aka GrumpyKat,,,  Who the f$%k knows.   She came in this morn for ‘Foodiieeesss’ and is now back on the prowl in the woods.  She is in her element with the cooler weather, and I don’t worry too much about her safety in the woods (she’s 5 and knows whats out there and how to avoid the baddies.). But it is irritating.   She adopted the boys, and now wants them to move on and is showing her ‘contempt’ by avoiding the house until hunger strikes.20201105 0641442870872315646729277

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