Believe nothing, no matter where you read it, or who said it – no matter if I have said it! – except it agree with your own reason and your own common sense.” – Siddhartha Gautama, a.k.a. the Buddha

shoulder slump Tuesday

Apparently I worked myself out of work again.  Happens, then suddenly I am two weeks behind again.  Went in this morn, nada from boss other than “if ya wanna make some garbage bins,,,” .  Yeah, makework stuff.   Decided instead to take care of some personal business.   

Buffalo (the truck) has been making some noises lately, but this morning it was a lot worse. Why is it that cold weather always makes cars act up?   I know the deal, replace the Front Hubs or you’ll be on the side of the road when you least need or expect it.   So, Ordered the parts, will be in Friday, and hopefully the weather will cooperate and allow me to get that little mess taken care of.   While I was ordering the parts something ELSE popped up and said “HEY! We all know ya got money in the bank now, and WE’D really like to be paid attention to”.  I was sitting there, waiting for my order confirmation, when the Charge Controller on my solar system started squalling.Battery voltage down to 11.9. WTF?   Quick disconnect and check individual states and sure ‘nuff, one was sitting well below that 11.9volts.  Shorted cell.   Fine, pull the bad one, put cables back in place to charge the ones remaining and off to the battery dealer to get a replacement.  

Remember that I inadvertently made an extra CC payment this month.  LOL.  Oh THATS gone now.  BUT, the dealer had a hella deal for me.  Two-fer kinda deal.  SO, I ended up bringing home an extra NEW battery to add to the bank, and wire it all up.  SWEET!!!   Within half an hour charge controller is showing 14.7 float level.  (and i know that you are not supposed to mix old with new batteries, but I have not had issues with it.   In fact, the remaining batteries were all older than the one that went bad by a full year.  The charge controller is very good at float, and leveling charges and that eases the stress on the ‘differen’t’ batteries.   they are all the same size, make; just different ages.)

Then i check out the cockpit coaming project after an all night cure.

PROBLEM.  The wax I used must not have been very good and the half side I set up is sticking in.   Bust it all off, figure it out.   No problems, just unseen solutions.    Wipe the whole thing down with acetone to clear the wax off, hit the whole thing with the sander again, then re-varnish.   SO, Tomorrow, maybe, I will get a chance to fine sand the mess and get a nice smooth surface for MORE WAX, and this time pile it on.   I’m thinking I may want to do the Vacuum bag trick, but I haven’t figure out how to ‘bag it’ and make a smooth surface, and I need to modify a pump to “suck”.  I have an old refrigerator compressor that we use for refilling tires and the like; I am pretty sure the suction side is capable of pulling several inches of vacuum.  The question becomes, How much vacuum do I need?   Never done this and have no clue.  Research time, 

On a positive note, what I did get of the mold and not totally destroy, looks great and is rigid as hell.   Two layers of mat should be more than enough.  I only had one on it so far and it is very stiff.

Been an expensive day already and its not even three o’clock. Guess tomorrow I go deal with all that ‘make work’ at the J.O.B. just to make sure I have inflow to balance todays outflow. 16217041720642391079722124285515

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