Believe nothing, no matter where you read it, or who said it – no matter if I have said it! – except it agree with your own reason and your own common sense.” – Siddhartha Gautama, a.k.a. the Buddha

Wknd w,,, uhm,,, Sumpin

Early start today, 3am, powered up the Mac, started some warm ups, walked outside with Grizzy for a few (he likes walking the drive in the dark, strange kat) and it was 72 and breezy.

4 am, temp plummets 15 degrees and the breezy becomes WINDY and the Rain starts pouring.  ZOOOMMMMMSSSSSS.     ZoomKat bounces in onto my desk and does the Shake like a Dawg and EVERYTHING IS WET!!!!

Thanks Zooms,,,

Has a list of stuff I need to do, pick-up, or purchase today, and ZERO MOTIVATION.  Rainy days, blah,,,

Around and about the Nets, seems like I am not the only one with a serious lack of motivation, or even input.   There is a haze over things right now, like that breezy feel this morning; something is brewing, but what, which side, (both sides?) and when it ‘pops’,,,,      Easier to predict where the ball will fall in a roulette wheel.

Read an old Heinlein piece as linked to in a comment somewhere (At ATH I believe, don’t wanna wade through 500 comments to find it again,).   Kinda freaky some of the ‘crap’ he wrote about in the 50s.   The Editors felt compelled to start the show with the “THIS IS FICTION”, yet, reading it now, especially the opening paragraphs, with public nudity, transvestites, hamstrung and ineffective cops,,,    It’s almost like a visionary document.   I won’t give any other spoilers, just go read it.  (Best viewed on a computer, the webpage is NOT mobile friendly.)

Much of my frustration, lack of motivation, what-hav-ya, is just wishing this shit-show would go full vertical so we can get it over with and move on.  EVEN if that means we are dealing with Gulags and other things, at least we will have something TANGIBLE to fight, not this aetheric pandmonium of Dementia patients and Asylum escapees that seem to be running the coop.  In the words of the frustrated Vulture, “Patience, Hell!!! I just wanna kill sumpin!”   

Maybe thats an extremism, 

or not.   

Time will tell, but damn, the WAITING for something to give,,,,

Yeah, I took yesterday off from the nets for good reason.  Did a lot of catch-up at work, managed to knock down three jobs that need closure, and feel like something is up at the J.O.B.    Not sure, may be reading more into things than is there, but it feels like something is on the verge of major change, like maybe Bossman is finally going to retire and let SON have the pursestrings.   (long overdue IMO, but I’m just the smart assed flunky, right?).  The FUBAR with the project involving a former boss  seems to be wearing just a bit more than normal, and I saw an argument between BM and SON yesterday over that very problem.   I thought it was over with, but apparently LIttleman/socalledpreacherman had a few more surprises in order, and SON is flat pissed off about it.   I know for a fact that between my time, travel expenses, and materials, they have burned through almost two grand of profit from the job ‘trying to appease’ littleman.   

Some people,,   As I said to SON, ‘IF, I ever run into Dood in a dark alley,,, ‘  SON replied, “I’ll hold him down while you do,,,  IF I don’t get a few good kicks in first,,,,”    LOL

and its all part of the game, and we all know it.   The longer they can hold onto the money that was set aside to pay for this project, the more interest they accrue on it.  But that game goes two ways: the longer they sit on it, the smaller the profit for BM.   

I stand by my statement to Littleman, I will happily go back there to ‘fix’ whatever they need fixed, BUT, it will be as an independent contractor and they WILL pay upfront.   And I have the blessing of SON for that so I won’t be in “conflict of interests” land when/if that time comes about.

on other news, not much progress on “the kayak carcass formely called Serena”.    I puttered, a bit, and puttered with the coaming jig, but really didn’t accomplish much.   hell, passed out by 8:30 last night and slept like the dead until 3am.  Today, running, and wet weather so probably WON’T get to squeeze in the little bit of kayaking I had tentatively planned.   (was just a 6miler on a section of the local river I have never ran before,   It’s not going anywhere, even if the water levels change). Today is also my Aunts 96th bday and the family is getting together at an Uncles house for a dinner.   Seems we are all a bit long in tooth on Da’s side, but not so much Mums.   (and Genetically, I am more my mothers side.   Too tall where Da’s side is all short and stocky.)

anywhoos, I’ll be back up later with more of something to tap about, but its time for me to get off my bum and get ‘doing’.   Take it easy today and try to enjoy being alive in interesting times.

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