Believe nothing, no matter where you read it, or who said it – no matter if I have said it! – except it agree with your own reason and your own common sense.” – Siddhartha Gautama, a.k.a. the Buddha

Nuthin Serious tonite

Long day at the J.O.B. and I was purt much brain dedz by the time I made it home and dealt with Kittehs and Dawgums.   Stopped at the Da’s on the way home, checked BP.   108/58.  Dood is in far better shape than I and he’s got almost thirty years on me.   May be a little tired, but hey, after 81 years, who wouldn’t be?   (and its not like he sat around all day.  Passed him on the road returning to the shop earlier, and he had a load of firewood in his truck, delivering to one of his brothers.)

SO, instead of playing with wood and making things, I fiddled with materials, experimentun!!!   Trying to figure some way of cutting my costs down and still have a reliable product.  Yeah, I can be cheap like that sometimes (most times,,,,).   If I like what I see with this experiment, I will just order the fabric and buy the Bondo Resin local.   The Experiment is on a piece of old left overs from building Serena, gussied up in a Cross-stitch hoop that I happened to find in a pile of trash at the river awhile back.   Seemed like a serious waste to leave it to the elements, even though I have zero use for it, or, well, DIDN’T have a use for it.   Silly shit comes back to haunt in a happy way.      My first part of that experiment went well: I wanted to make sure that the resin wouldn’t ‘bleed’ through and form stalactites.  It penetrated  about as well as the Two-part does, which means there will be raw material on the inside, same as with the two-part, and why Serena would get as Baggy as Cankles ass when she was wet through and through.   Ballistic nylon is hydroscopic and sucks water up like a sponge.  And when it does, it stretches out.    

Yeah, about that fabric getting all loosey-goosey,,,    Even Duh!kee did it the first year, but she had a smaller weave, lighter fabric that eventually shrank up tight and stayed that way.   Serena had that heavy ass canvas back and she might have tighteed up in a couple more years.   This round though, I am going with Aircraft fabric intended for bush planes.   Heavy weave, but its a polyester and can shrink with even heat application (used something similar on my model planes so I am familiar with the process) and WON’T stretch out when wet.  Price for that is similar to the other and a company I have used prior with good experience.  The other place has been hit or miss at times, and I am still waiting on either an order or a refund from an order from them last November,,,,  *sigh*. Another reason I am looking for alternatives.

Gonna have to break down at some point over the next week or so and take a half day to get that log to the sawmill.   Not desperate for the wood, but it would be nice to have a wider selection of choices in grain.   Funny thing about that sawmill, that’s where dad picked up all that firewood.   Endcuts and ‘refuse’ they toss in a pile and let people pick through.   It’s where I picked up my whiteoak for the ribs last time, and where I will go to get more for the replacement ribs this round.   Can’t beat the price and you get to hand select what you need, even if you may have to cut it out of a big chunk, and its ‘green’ so steaming it is a dream.   (and its also what I will be heating my house with here in the next few weeks, when Fall really starts kickin’ it.). The Ribs in place now are rock solid in those bends, and it only took 10 minutes in the steamer to make them pliable like a leather belt when I was shaping them.

I know, I know,  BOOORRRRRIIIIINNNNGGGGGG.    Sorry y’all,  I LOVE my kayaks, and can spend a day discussing them, but would prefer to be paddling them.  Since I can’t paddle right now,,,,    (well, maybe.   I think I may be able to squeeze a day in this weekend and do a river run, if the weather holds.   Don’t do flood waters on the Cumberland, Too many downed trees (called strainers in boater parlance.)

More atcha tomorrow, and I promise, it won’t be a kayak post, (but I may mention it,,,)

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