Believe nothing, no matter where you read it, or who said it – no matter if I have said it! – except it agree with your own reason and your own common sense.” – Siddhartha Gautama, a.k.a. the Buddha

Did what????

Dunno what I did, but my short ribs are aching like I’d been shanked.   Not a kidney thing, since it only hurts when I sit certain ways or bend,   YEAH!!! that!!!!   OUCH!!!!

Likely some damage from handling 10’ panels without help at the J.O.B. thingy.   Doesn’t take much to twist things out of alignment in this old jalopy these days.   

Anywhoos, hurting bad enough that I called it an early day at 1300, headed to store to get DedKow for Mamakat, who is doing her “GrumpyKat” routine again.  Must be in heat or something cuz she’s even whomping on Lil Grizz, who hasn’t gone into the whole puberty mode yet.  (funny that, Zooms and Grizz are same age sibs, but Grizz is half the size of Zooms, and behind in development.  Lovey little fart, but growing slow.)

So, took the day off early.  Came home, fed Grumpy, and Grizz; Zooms off and about laying low from Grumpy I guess. (he did show later). and figured some Excedrin and relaxing afternoon. 

HAH!!!!    Yeah, right!    Nopes, I spent the entire afternoon piddling with the Carcass of a Kayak formerly called Serena.  Made the first four deck beams over, added some width to her beam in that area (still at 22” beam widest point) and figured out where my twist was coming from.   Deck beam four mortices were apparently cut off kilter, because as soon as I installed that beam, WHAM, that twist was back with a vengeance.   Grab the Carpenters file, hog it out some, reinstall, and things settled down.   Later when I start wrapping things up before I skin her, I will fill that mortice with some schmutz to keep it tight.  With the guwales resting on the horses, a 10# weight on each end, she sits where I want her to sit.  Plugged in some of the old ribs (the good ones) and nearly flat keel is obvious.   I really wish I had access to the nets, other than my phone.  It takes over an hour to upload ONE pic, and I just don’t wanna futz with it this late in the evening.  Y’all’re just gonna have to wait for a day when I can post up a pics only post.

And now, its dark out, could light up the porch and keep at it, but I want to spread this out as a relaxing project, not a “Git-r-DUN” project.  And I want it to be right, Seriously RIGHT, this go round since the price on skin is at the OMG level since the last time I did this.  I paid $160 for the kit last time, now, Its almost 300.  So, in a round-bout kinda way, the other day when I cut that skin off, I figuratively sliced up $300 cash.  I’m no Scrooge, but that kind of shit hurts, right in the back pocket.   To put it in a different perspective, I can buy an oldskool WW kayak for around $300, sometimes less, and with a whole lot less hassle getting it to the water. (and I saw one on FB market for $100 that was just calling to me to save it from loser that had outfitted it as a fishing kayak.   ROFL. Get a good sized Cat hooked while in that boat and you will find out if you can do a straitjacket roll REAL QUICK!!!!)

Ouch, Yeah, this is a back issue, not kidneys.  Just twisted to let Boo out, and felt things ‘grind’,,,   Ugh,  Don’t get old kids, Its a trap!!!!  (and when you figure out how to not get old, get back with us oldzhiemers and let us know so we can stop the madness.  LOL)

And While playing Ketch-up for the day, after ol’ SOL settled over the horizon, I ran into this at Big Countries homestead.  

Funny, Anyone with a little knowledge, proper information, and at least four braincells functional can see that ***COVER-UP**** is taking place left and right by the ENEmedia.   That not one of them has made an effort to bust the FRAUD wide open on all of this booshit flabbergasts me.   They MUST BE bought and paid for by groups intent on destroying this country.   Just saying.   (feel free to say ‘DUH!!! Mr Obvious Much?”   ).  I’m starting to get a little paranoid about falling aircraft seeing how my homestead is below several Class A zones with three international APs within 100 miles.  And I know that getting hit by falling aircraft is about as likely as getting hit by lightening (or less so, but I digress). but start throwing in all the Clotshot stuff and dead at the stick pilots,,,,,   At least the majority of major airlines are highly automated these days (to the point that many landings are done by OTTO, the autopilot with the IRL Pilot supervising.   Go search SIGB’s site for his post about adding fuzzy logic to the flight controllers so they weren’t wearing holes in the runways by hitting the EXACT SAME SPOT EVERYTIME.  Interesting read to a wannabe pilot like me.)

Probably not going to be much of that in the airlines, but private craft?   Scary thought.   Lots of private pilots and I highly doubt that FAA will shutter licenses over the VaxxnottaVaxx because it would undermine the FRAUD.  Who cares how many die because some Dead at the Stick Pilot plowed a neighborhood IF IT SAVES EVEN ONE LIFE.    

The insanity continues apparently.    

And people wonder why I retreated to the hills in 2010.   Or still practice 6 and 700yard shooting on a regular basis. (and if I get that AR10, it will go to 1000,,,,_)

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