Believe nothing, no matter where you read it, or who said it – no matter if I have said it! – except it agree with your own reason and your own common sense.” – Siddhartha Gautama, a.k.a. the Buddha

bits n pieces

couple things going round the spheres right now that have my attention.  One was the thing in Roma Texas.   Kept looking but kept coming up with nada.   Lots of hush-shush-hush goin’ on around that little firefight on the border.   BC gives a better breakdown from better sources than I.  My two cents on the hushy-hush going on: total collusion from the string pullers of Xi-den emperor poopy-pants, kid sniffer the first.  Supposedly that area is a hot spot for human and drug traffic.   Bought and paid for media will play for the Emperor without question.  

I have little doubt that the FRAUD is getting a new load of littles for the diddlin’, and plenty of blow for the shin-dig to go with ‘em.    Serious as a heart-attack here: when the time comes, there needs to be a stadium set aside for the public execution of these fucks.  Put it on every channel with close-ups and full HD quality vid from every camera angle possible.  Then do as the kings of yore would, and truck the carcasses around the country for display, until they get too ripe to haul.  THEN, feed them to the Pigs.  No funerals, no last rights, nothing of the respect we would provide for a Human or our pets.

Second point of order: Pilots of Southwest Airlines revolting against the ClotShot Mandates coming down from Corporate (in response to appeasing the FRAUD, or sumpin,,,)

Sorry, Gotta say, “too little Too late” on this.    The only UP side is that people are finally starting that pushback we so desperately need. (and needed back in the early part of this year before half (if legit reporting, has questions there) of the population had been inoculated with that poison.  The fact that, AGAIN, the media is playing all hushy-hush to keep from disturbing the narrative says far more about whats really going on than what the reports say.

Maybe this is the final straw that pushes AMERI-CAN’S into action that precludes going full on Civil War.   Not that it would stop that, the FRAUD won’t just shrug shoulders and accept their fate: aw hell no!   But if people rise up BEFORE the railcars start shipping peeps into “wellness Camps”, we have a chance, and a real one!!


Ok, more bits n pieces, but on the home front.   Finally went and did it.   Pulled all the hardware off Serena and skinned her like going to town on a Great White.   

Starting to see why I have had gut feelings to not put her on water lately.   Pulled the skin off: was a kinda stuck to the top deck a bit (I did not oil the deck beams and the two-part bonded some.) but the hull skin peeled like a banana.  

And the keel fell OUT of the boat.

IN THREE PIECES.  All of the lashings were busted loose and the keel pieces were just ‘floating’ in place with only the skins shape holding them still.

One Chine was broken in a few places, but was ‘holding’ until I cut the lashings holding it in.   The other three were (are) solid still.   BUT, the broken keel and chine were enough that two ribs are also in bad ways.  Too much strain on them since they were holding a flexing piece of wood where they should have been spreading the load around to all the ribs.

SO, No more Redwood Cedar in my boats.   If I do end up using it, I will scale up the parts for strength.   The coffeewood I get around here holds up so much better than the RWC.   

And I have log of Coffeewood, well seasoned, just need to get it to the mill.   Serena is on the horses broken down to the Gunnels and cutwaters, no ribs, I pulled the forward deckbeams out to boot.  (that weird twist I fought with was due to those deck beams, and my crap ass horses of two years ago.   That problem is fixed and I can now see what needs done to correct things.). I have a project to keep me from whoring around and being stupid before things go all sporky.  Funny, I figured I would spend a week on her, but now its looking  like a full build of a month.  But she will be as Brand New when I am done.  (just in time for my Winter Solstice paddle too!!!)

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